5 years ago
African Americans

I am fairly new to this site and enjoy reading all the different post on here. I would just like to know are there any African Americans on this site?

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My parents were both born in Kenya but met here in the UK. Am not American and am ethnically Indian/Goan, so to answer your question 🙂

My ex is mixed race (quarter Ghanaian, half Jamaican and the rest English and Irish) and has MS…..

I appreciate your response! I am African American and since I have been on this site I have not encountered anymore African Americans. I was just curious to know thanks again!

Im not African American but i have yet to see any hispanics on here..im puerto rican/colombian..where are all the minorities out here!

Im Peruvian, and here in Lima, which is the capital I live there are many people with ms.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I can’t lie I had kind of given up on this site. I have got some wonderful information on here but still have not run across any African Americans. @ricanfemale30 I agree 100% where are all of the minorities? I know there are plenty of people with MS but I would like to know where are the African Americans with it? Again I appreciate everyone who responded!

Never give up! does the ethnic matters that much? the important thing is to catch all the good stuff from here and use it as u want, and if some info can give you a better perspective, then is great!

It really doesnt matter who has it but being i live in an urban neighborhood it seems like im the only one..there are mostly hispanics round here n i wanted to see if anybody lived remotly close

No it really does not matter I as well live in a urban neighborhood and feel very alienated. The only people that I know personally with MS are much older and not African American. I definitely understand the better perspective and the info has been great but I would still like to get to know some African Americans with MS as well! Thanks again for responding!


Look no further, you found one. I’m an African American w/MS…diagnose Feb 08. How are you Crystal?

I’m fine thanks so much for asking! I was starting to give up. How are you and what is your name if you don’t mind me asking. I was diagnosed April 2011.


The name is Marcus and I’m feeling pretty good today. The weather is getting warm in my area…I don’t know about you but the heat is not my friend.

I definitely know what you mean Marcus! The heat is not my friend either. Try to stay cool it is warm in my area too

I am black, but not American. My family don’t really understand anything about MS beyond “sick”. It’s been very warm here in England over the last few days and I’ve just pretty much ignored it and stayed indoors with some ice lollies and my tower fan.


Highheel, an ice lollie sounds very refreshing on a hot summers day. I’m currently in Germany so imagine I’m feeling the same heat as you. Stay cool lady. 🙂

Highheel, I first must admit I had to look up “ice lollies”, I had no idea what that was. Sounds very nice and refreshing. I’m in Michigan and actually the weather was not so bad today. My family does not really understand much about MS as well. So glad you commented on this post because as I was telling duncizm, I was starting to give up.

I think people who not from minority communities – racial or otherwise – don’t really get how isolating it can be when something like this happens to you. I’m from an “urban”, quite poor community in East London, and most people over the age of 30 in my family have only ever seen a computer, so information and and self-education don’t spread very easily and people generally don’t ask questions anyway. Whatever background you are from, there will be issues that are specific to your culture and it can be difficult to not see yourself represented when you find yourself in yet another minority community.

Oh, and my name is Dee – nice to meet you.

Oh, I don’t know if you guys have found this, but family food became an issue. I was at university when I was diagnosed so it was really easy to adapt my diet, but it means that when I visit the folks and all of the food is too salty, or too meat based. there are no vegetables to speak of, I realised how much more difficult that transition would have been if I had been living at home. I like a bit of soul food, once in a while, but now when I go round they make Dee-plates that are loaded with salad and nothing fried.

Hi Dee nice to me you as well! Yes I do at times feel very isolated with MS. Not to mention I’m black with MS under the age of 30, at times it’s a lot to take in. When I got diagnosed last year the only black people that I knew of that had MS is Montel Williams and Richard Pryor. I knew of no one my age. I don’t eat fried foods myself. Did you make your ice lollies or do you purchase them?

Monetll Williams has MS? See, you learn something every day. A family friend who moved to Australia has secondary Progressive MS, which I didn’t find out until I was diagnosed because everyone just said he was sick.

I have a couple of lolly making trays but I really only use them if I find a flavour of juice that I really want to try out. Mostly, the stores here always have them in – either cheaper ones for kids or more luxury juice ones for grown ups – and Iceland (our quite cheap frozen grocery store) always has boxes of lollies for quite cheap.

I later found out Lena Horne had it as well. My best friend has MS and she was diagnosed before I was and because I was so very ignorant about MS I instantly told her she needed a second opinion. Sounds interesting about the lollies I think I would like to try them.


Dee, Youtube has some good feed on Montel Williams. He appeared on Orpah and Dr. Oz (I’m not sure if you get those shows in the UK).

Crystal, like you, I have never personally met anyone with MS, just people on the forums.

Marcus, I felt so very alone when I first got diagnosed. I felt like such an outsider, my family and friends knew nothing of MS either. I will have to check the videos on Youtube about Montel Williams as well.

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