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……..Been trying to send this since 7.00 this morning, to @doubleo7hud……in response to private message….keep getting’your message can’t be sent right now, try again’……have got desperate now….bloody southern networks, birds to leaves or small peoples socks on the line again, I guess, this keep happeningπŸ˜–….

……πŸ˜‚πŸ€£….oh 00, You been borrowing socks from the Bambino’s draw again πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰….wrong shaped ball. hah…..Oh you like the pansy game of ‘hello Gerald, pass me that round thing, so I can fall over, clutching my ankle’ πŸ˜†….well theirs no accounting for taste I guess…all the best for your boys in the, ‘oh me play off leg’ tonight…..all thing ‘X’ for Huddersfield, though can I un’X’ me eyes, so I can at least attempt to walk😳….their seems to be an outbreak of that ‘dildo leg’, come down from up ‘t’ north, that you talked about….combined with hanging on to the walls, doors & chair tops, wall walking, is making life interesting getting about….hows you doing in ‘make your own language up, country’…mucker….hope thee is well, have a good crawling day at work Huddy.

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1 year ago

If it’s a site issue rather than internet connection issue, let us know

I’ve spotted something that’s broken!

Cheers, Sarah

1 year ago

Thanks Sarah….Have filled in ‘spotted something thats broken’ & sent it off…..See if I got it right😁

1 year ago

@red-suzuki Gerald??? Showing yer age now old boy who the feck is called Gerald under the age of 81 in this day and age I can’t see them playing football ether more chance of me running the London marathon in a fecking tutu and neon pink knee socks πŸ˜‚ it’s the running part of that that’s the one that would not happen as I’m sure your aware.

It’s tense in Huddersfield right now as it’s penalty shoot out time my arse is flapping.

There is no cure for the floppy dildo leg outbreak 😷 I’m sorry te say but you can reduce ze symptoms by sitting on yer arse if not the floor is your best pal old boy stop, drop and moverfuckkng crawl style it out while your at it.

1 year ago

πŸ˜‚…going to try the private massage route again……though the thought of you in a pink tutu with neon socks….😳….red

1 year ago

🀣 teehee….Giddy in the bloomers……..brill……….’kin hell….Sounds like a lot of well dressed spiders at you gaff man…..wehhey, get you with all your noobie tips…..thanks for the tip though, just have to find someone with a spare spidy man or woman (just to be PC) I can borrow…..Super hero’s a bit thin on the ground round here….lots of cows…a few sheep…the odd pheasant…..πŸ€”.

Glad your boys got to Wembley….time to sell your ‘family jewels’ I think…..keep up with those responsibilities, on your arse 😳

….msg won’t go again now….

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