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A step further.

Hi, so I just came back from having my head/spine mri. I can’t say that it was a nice experience, it was really loud and enclosed, but I coped. They did all the scans, then the radiologist did one more. So ofcourse, all I’m thinking now is that she has seen something ad wants a closer look. I ask after how long the results take. I have another neuro appointment, but not untill July. She said they will go to the to and Nero within a week, and if they have seen something and they want to talk to me then the neuro will see me sooner.

I’m not even more convinced that I has ms and now I feel like one persons knows for sure. I have been given gabapentin and I’m going to start taking it tonight, after panicking about it, gp has suggested I take a lower dose at night to begin with.

I don’t know what I’m looking for really, maybe just some reassurance that this limbo land will end, and when it does will I fall with a bump when I get the results.

Grumpy and twitching,

J x

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@jasminefairy, well done for enduring the MRI scanner – I told you it would be noisy! 🙂
But, it’s another piece in the jigsaw puzzle that your Neuro is trying to unravel.
You’ve now got to sit back and be patient. If your symptoms are not deteriorating, I doubt that the Neuro will bring the appointment forward.
So, just concentrate on not overdoing it in the interim. Be kind to yourself and see if you can start getting on with your life again, keeping moderation in mind.

Thanks. Symptoms have been ok this weeks, ran 5k yesterday! However, I had a cold last week and was floored. Random huh. The waiting game continues. I’m pleased I have this forum as it helps to vent, makes me feel more normal having an outlet for my worries.

J x

5k, that’s impressive. I used to do things like that, in a former life! 😆

Jasminefairy – when Stumbler said “take it easy”…..don’t think running 5k was QUITE what he had in mind!
Listen to your body. If it hurts, STOP!!!

Wow, as stumbler said impressssssssive, the only time I feel I have endurance and speed like that is in my car!!!

Haha 🙂 I like running, completed my first 10k race for life last year and haven’t stopped really. I guess I run because I know I can. It’s something I know that when I’m feeling good, I can do. A little control over my body when sometimes I feel I have none. Also it’s good head space. I don’t think about my symptoms, I just think about putting my feet on the ground! X

Hey Jasminefairy well done – your first MRI is an important milestone!

I have had only the one myself, but like an embarrassing dad, I took the opportunity to fully explore the facility (within reason, I’m not THAT embarrassing), introduce myself to the operators and chat to them (or “interrogate them to the point of submission” as my dear wife likes to say). I should point out that I was sent to a private lab for my MRI scans, apparently in my corner of the country (Essex) this was the quickest and most cost-effective way to get them done. Although they were paid for by the NHS, my experience was NOT actually within the NHS itself…

Anyway, here are a couple of MRI based “nuggets” (as my beloved wife likes to call them) that I picked up while I was there. Now these might just apply to me and my MRI experience, your situation may be completely different (such is the joy of MS – the degenerative neurological disease that just keeps giving).

First off, and much to my surprise, the MRI lab was going to be charging the NHS about £1.5/£2K for my experience within the Dutch Gabber Techno machine (I didn’t wear headphones with soothing music so as to not spoil the experience). I was flabbergasted, but at a cool £750K for the machine, apparently they had to charge that much to make it worth their while (my words not theirs). The main point here is that you are unlikely to be sent for another one soon unless somebody somewhere thinks it’s really necessary.

What I then subsequently discovered, is that while MRI scans showing lesions is fairly central to your initial DX, the key thing they are used for is tracking the development of your MS by monitoring your lesions. So while their initial number (and locations) are significant, what they are ultimately interested in is being able to compare how you are today (by using your latest MRI) with how you were when you had your last MRI. So they are actually playing a fairly long game with that two grand.

Secondly, although the people operating the machines might wear a white lab coat – they are not necessarily the people who actually interpret the scans, and report back with their subsequent findings. The MRIs are sent electronically to the far-east (mine went to India) where they are studied by cheaper labour. They then report back – so the chances are that your “special treatment” was possibly because you moved or something, resulting in a less than satisfactory scan.

Why have I written all this? Well, it’s mainly because I want to reassure you that your MRI scan is just a stage in a “possible” DX. You shouldn’t read too much into it. As Stumbler says “it’s another piece in the jigsaw puzzle that your Neuro is trying to unravel.”

Keep running. Personally, I’m impressed with anybody who can run 10K, irrespective of any possible future problems you might face. One thing I can guarantee, is that in about 90 years (maybe before) you will be dead.

Make the most of being alive

Mark 🙂

@aardvark 🙂 your knowledge and optimism is reassuring. It is unlikely that the woman knew anything, but by the sheer fact that she saw the inside of me, she knows more than me. It’s the uncomfortable reality that someone knows and I don’t.

As you say point out, life is heading for an inevitable end, so I’ll joy it as much as I can 🙂

‘Always look on the bright side of life’

Da da, da da, da da, da da da da 🙂

@jasminefairy, well done on the MRI, I can remember it still and I had my second one in December, after my scan I was called back in after 2 days to give me the results, this was a surprise as after my first scan I waited 11 weeks before getting the results… I was put on gabapentine and there is nothing to e scared of, I have no changed to another med to try….

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