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A silly thought ..

I dont like complainig but my right hand is just doing my head in!!! ..25 years playing guitar and now i have to be like hunting moments to make it sound .I ll keep trying anyway..

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5 years ago

C’mon, @pepe, I think we’ve got every right to moan and rant. But, we don’t because of the people around us. So, doing it here gets it off your chest….. quietly.
I can see you’re frustrated, but don’t stop making the music, don’t let the MS win. You have to keep using it, to avoid losing it.

5 years ago

Oh I hear ya, Pepe! I like to knit, but my bloody hand just won’t agree to it sometimes!

5 years ago

I just read Awkward Bitch by Marlo Donato Parmelee, and she is a keyboard player/vocalist who gets MS and it talks about some of her issues. I recommend it 🙂

5 years ago

Thanks you all !!I will definitely keep trying …

5 years ago

I had a similar problem with my wrists & tendons in my hands @ a year ago. Eventually figured out, txting and holding even a hardback book was aggravating it. Have since switched to a Kindle (lighter, easy to see and use) and also smartphone (uses a lighter touch). Dunno exactly how that will translate for guitars!
You may need to rest you wrists or even think of switching instruments??

5 years ago

Dude… adapt and survive… maybe it’s time for you to become a producer… and sit behind the desk.

grab a computer with a decent soundcard and download a cracked copy of cubebase… or something else.. as i’m sure you are aware there’s loads of bits of quality software out there.

you’ve still got talents… maybe you just need to channel them elsewhere!

5 years ago

The thing is that after 25 years of MS i already have many tricks,,that is why i called my post “silly thought “because i feel like i know what it is about and how to overcome situations as the one i had to go through .Somehow i think that subconsciously needed a bit of attention and i am very happy i got it .Lots of love and thanks you..

5 years ago

Oh… dude… I’ve only just read your profile… it looks like you have all the tricks up your sleeve and you’re already adapting and surviving….

I feel bad that we didn’t encourage you to rant and rave a bit more….

we all need to do that from time to time!

It is simply rubbish when things don’t work out the way we anticipate… and even worse when it involves the stuff our talents, hopes and dreams are all wrapped up in!

So if you still need to vent… then please let it all out…

5 years ago

I hear you, dude. I am a bassist and have been for nearly 10 years. Some days it can be very frustrating when you can’t play what you could yesterday. I try to play each day to keep my fingers nimble. I’ve had to come up with tricks and adapt the way I play so I can continue doing the thing I love. Sorry to hear this, bro and hope things work out for ya.

2 years ago

I know what you mean man, have been a guitarist for almost 11 years and my band is gonna record our 3rd album next winter (waiting for horrible summer to end). The summer takes a huge toll on me; numb/weak/uncoordinated/my backing vocals suck and frustrated. This is especially happening right now cause I’m under the weather.

Had to swallow my pride and announce that this was my last summer playing live… Only gigs in winter & colder weather are enjoyable AND playable for me. Heck we haven’t rehearsed since our last gig in July because of me…

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