knotty 24/03/17
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A positive supportive move -signs on WCs

You may see more of these new signs around the UK including at football grounds and supermarkets.

It’s all part of a move to try and recognise people with invisible illnesses – disabilities and long-term health conditions that aren’t physically obvious.

I for one will now be more inclined to use the disabled toilets if I saw this sign

Knotty x

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1 year ago

I actually started online shopping because a well known grocery store I won’t say which one for obvious reasons but every time I went into the store with my wife in the middle of the night the security guards always tried to stop me using the disabled toilet. When we told him I had ms he looked at me and laughed and said there is nothing wrong with you. Needless to say I don’t shop at that supermarket anymore I took my weekly shop a elsewhere and to the internet to prevent that happing again.

What made it worse was I used to go in the middle of the night so its not like there was a queue for the loo and I had a four wheeled walker with me. I think what happened was he was pissed off because a week prior he accused me of shoplifting because of my fatigue I stop on start a lot when out. Walking is quite difficult sometimes.

He was rubbing his hands together when he stopped me saying I haven’t caught a genuine shoplifter in a while then his face dropped when I had proof of purchase for evey single item in my trolley my wife was pushing. He wasn’t pleased that night.

A month later I found out the guy had been let go. Apparently to many customer complaints. Its not enough to make me go back as once I started online shopping I realised it was easier for me rather tgen struggling round a supermarket every week I decided to keep doing it and let a fully able bodied person bring it to me instead.

1 year ago

@daniel2025 , one of these little cards may come in useful for you :-

1 year ago

Yeah agreed, glad finally things are being recognised, my experience so far have been verbal indignation…when I said ‘ come on, tell me whats the problem’..or ‘I didn’t ask for this’…….was told ‘well your not in a wheelchair’……’that toilets for disabled people in a chair’….talk about sheesh….mmmm, ok…….not worth the agro sometimes……but, have to say as things have progressed over the years, i really don’t give a damn what they think & don’t bother to justify my self anymore……either that or ‘say, i really have to go & go now………… can I borrow your pocket’…that shuts them up…… 🙂

1 year ago

To add…. they could do with a similar idea for disabled parking spots??….have had the 4×4 folk coming out of shop with there morning Costa Coffee…. who say ‘i only parked there for 5 minutes’ or when I drop mum of for her weekly get together with her brother for lunch, which is near a football ground, the visiting ‘fit healty’ lads use the spots, cause they can’t find anywhere else to park…..talked to owners of restaurant, who sympathies, but don’t or haven’t done ouwt about it…..petty whinge over, sorry about that @knotty

1 year ago

I can’t get a blue badge yet and don’t think I ever will there’s a “crackdown” apparently. Like to see them go shopping on my legs, most of the feckers wouldent even be out of there pits (bed). 😂 🔔 ends.

I think if someone tried to stop me from using a disabled toilet 🚽 I’d 🥊 them on the end of there chin when I need to go I really need to go. iv got a card 💳 from ms society it’s really handy when there’s no visable pot to piss in, but when in a rush and there’s a spotty teenager scratching his head and arse taking what seems like a million years to read it and process what it is, it gets a bit hairy.

1 year ago

@stumbler thanks

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