6 years ago
What’s the best thing about having MS?

Comon’ now people let’s get positive about the disease! Tell me: What’s the best thing about having MS?

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I’ll start it off: Life is never boring. We might have our down days, but that means we can also have UP days!

Flu jab! And jumping queues at airports!

Really appreciating the simplest things and therefore,having more fun!

Come on……..absolutely nothing!!! HA HA HA

how do you jump queues??

i’m going to go for perspective

Meeting my beautiful fiancee. Would never have met such a perfect lady, had we not both had MS

It made me determined to go abroad as last year was the first time I did. There was always an excuse or reason to put it off previously

It makes me seize the day, because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I’ve just signed up to crew a tall ship in the Carribean with the Jubilee Trust – Woohoo!


Im gonna add another:

Prescription for Viagra! haha!

So, things are looking up for you, jrmcg1!!

Very good stumbler! Oh and second Alison and Munchies points, I have been more determined than ever to go travelling. We’ve been saving for nearly three years and our six month trip is just over weeks away – woop!

Perspective has been ingrained in me since the age of 23 after my worst relapse to date which was completely blurred vision or Optic Neuritis as the quacks call it. Since that day i’ve never felt sorry for myself, instead i’ve always looked for the positive in every situation. There always is one!

Getting back to the subject, discounted tickets for gigs, etc and airport queue jumping are right up there!

carrying on…..

I was admitted to hospital for 3 days as it was a quality of life effecting relapse and it was during the 3 day stay that i met the most amazing MS patients. They were all in a bad way, far worse than me, PPMS and SPMS, but their humour and fortitude despite their state was a huge eye opener for me. Can’t and will never forget moments like that!

getting the blue badge and being able to park on double yellow lines…discount, preference and best seats anywhere…personal view point: im more determined that i can carry on with my life despite the disability, Love and appreciate my life and things round me even more

Also, i did a zip slide from the top of the Baltic (very tall building) even though i have a bad fear of heights !and now i’m trying to pluck up the courage to do a sky dive with my husband. Would’ve pushed it back if it wasn’t for my MS. xx

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