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Stress and anxiety

‘don’t stress because you’ll get sick.’ Umm I can’t speak for any MS’er but I’m not a billionaire, I’m not a yogi living in an Ashram and unfortunately I am not JK Rowling or Stephen King (I would love to write for a living). So stress is a natural part of my life. How do you lessen the stress?

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6 years ago

I think the key is getting rid of ‘unnecessary’ stress…. Good example – I got stressed doing grocery shopping – tired me out, struggled with heavy bags, was so fatigued by the time I got home that I couldn’t do anything the rest of the evening. So now I shop online. Let the supermarket pickers and delivery people take the stress from me!


Yeah i agree, get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Online shopping is a great example. If you work too, try changing things you have difficulty with…..palm it off!!

6 years ago

I too am not a billionaire, or even a millionaire, or ever likely to be with my lottery efforts yet to even extend to 3 numbers…..
Stress does make a difference though. I had my first “episode” and then nothing for 2 years. Then I started a new job, it was a very good job and a good career step; downside was that it was very high pressure and high stress. Within 4 weeks of working there I started with hypersensitivity in my forearms then had serious trouble walking, these relapses kept coming for a year until I got to the point I was no longer able to do my job and so handed in my notice.
2 months later and I’ve realised just what a massive effect the stress was having on me. I know most people have a level of stress and just deal with it, feel a little exhausted sometimes and get a few colds but for someone with MS that’s prime time for it to take effect.
As a result of this I’m now looking for that holy grail of jobs, the sort with good pay and no stress! Hmmmm…
Well, I’m giving serious thought to becoming a driving instructor as I’ll be my own boss so no one riding me for deadlines and the pay’s alright. I figure it can’t be massively stressful, just calmly instructing my student. Also now I can control my hands again it means I can draw once more so I’m also planning on doing portraits of peoples pets etc.
My situation is pretty drastic but it’s what I needed, I feel SOOOOOO much better now I’m out of that environment which did literally physically disable me for the best part of a year.
I’m not saying you should do the same, just take the “don’t stress because you’ll get sick thing” seriously as it does have an effect, be it a lot or a little. Any steps you can take, like those mentioned above will all help. We’re in this for the long run and I intend to make things the best I can for myself!

Here’s to a chilled out existence! Or the closest we can get!

6 years ago

Thanks for the advice folks- I’m really trying my best with this problem.

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