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Speech change

Hiya -I have just come out of a relapse and my speech alters ocassionally, once every couple of minutes i cant get my words out properly and i sound a bit like im deaf – my neurologist said it might not be MS coz it comes and goes but i dont know. has anyone else experienced this? thanks!

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Hi my speach is bad at times and terrible on occasion. Mine gets worse when having a big bout of fatigue and when I am just tired. I can hear my words are not right and I can feel my mouth not moving well almost like its tired but its still frustrating for me as I can hear exactly what Im trying to say.

Yes! Before I was diagnosed I had slurred speech that lasted 3 months. It came on every couple of minutes, lasting only a few seconds – but it was really frustrating! It was accompanied by tingling around my mounth. My nurse says if I had been diagnosed at that point I would have been given steroids.

The tingling is horrible, one side more than the other and shaving is uncomfortable.

Yes my speech sometimes goes a little funny too. It’s not constant, it generally happens if I’m tired, but never lasts too long. When this happens I usually have tingling in either my lip of tongue along with it. Might last a half hour, might last two days. My last relapse was for numbness in my lip and I went on IV steroids for it.

Everyone has moments when they can’t think of the right words or the wrong ones come out. In MS’ers this can be more common because it is exacerbated by fatigue. Some of the MS Therapy Centres have speech & language therapists that can help develop aid strategies. I am generally OK until fatigue kicks in and then I get what one friend described once as a “mental stutter” where I just can’t find the right words!

I also get that- I was telling someone about it and I think ‘mental stutter’ is the best way to describe it. It’s like your brain and your mouth are working on a different line. It’s terrible at work when you’re trying to make a really important note and then the word you wanted gets ‘lost’ or when you sound like your tongue expanded and you can’t speak as a result. CRAZY!
I didn’t think about it but it does happen when I’m fatigued

aw thank you all so much for reading and replying – I have to say you are all so much more knowledgeable than the freaking doctors! i know they do their best but its so frustrating to go to the hospital to be told “it might be your ms but it might not” i feel like saying YOU ARE THE DOCTOR!! TELL ME!!!

Check out the articles on fatigue in this free magazine from the MS International Federation (MSIF):- http://www.msif.org/en/resources/msif_resources/msif_publications/ms_in_focus/

it’s happening right now and I’m at work and it is the fatigue

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