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6 years ago

Would you cares to explain a bit further in a less dramatic, shouty manner please.

6 years ago

MARIAM55 (note correct spelling!) created a profile three hours ago, i.e. 08:30 today (5/2).

I would suggest that Lottie received an ambiguous e-mail via shift.MS.

It happens…………

6 years ago

I’ve just read my e-mail and it’s definitely a scam e-mail!!

6 years ago

I actually think that’s quite annoying that someone should use our site for that kind of rubbish!!!!

6 years ago

Yeah, I just got one too – it’s pretty low that someone is using the site for this type of thing, but it is also massively obvious that it’s spam:

Here’s the email:
mariam55 sent you a message from

Reply %u25BC

mariamm.tu%[email protected]%u200Bfr

From: [email protected]
Sent: 05 February 2012 13:54:56
To: [my email address was here]
This message is here because your junk email filter is set to exclusive.

Wait, it’s safe! | I’m not sure, show content

You have received this message from mariam55, a user.
To reply keeping your e-mail secret click here.

Click here to view mariam55’s profile.

—-Message Below—–
From Ms. Mariam Ture,
Please Reply me through my private email address for my security reason
( [email protected] )

It is my pleasure to write you i decided to contact you to help me out of my problem, however is not mandatory nor will i in any manner compel you to honour against your will,but first Iet me introduce myself to you.

My name is Ms. Mariam Ture, Am 21 years of age, I am a student of high school before I lost my parents in a car accident last year, so I have been out from school and been looking for a sincere person that I will trust.

I am the only child of my late parents and that has made me to run away from our family house because my uncles are after my life to take away my inheritance which my late father left for me in a Bank here in Cote D’ivoire. My entire dream is to find somebody that I can trust with my future life and inheritance and also who will be able to invest it wisely in any lucrative business.

Nobody knows about the inheritance which worth $7.5 million dollars in Cash deposited in a Bank here with my name as the next of kin. And I want you to also keep it very confidential till we can be able to transfer this money from the Bank here to your country and I will fly to join you immediately for future plans of continue my education once a join you in your country.

I have to trust somebody to save my future and that is why I am trusting you now I want you to understand my critical situation and give me the assistance that I need so that I will have a better life and also enjoy my inheritance with you. I will tell you more about myself as soon as I hear back from you, your interest to assist me and also build more trust to be able to have a better understanding. Please Reply me through my private email address for my security reason
( [email protected] )

I look forward for your urgent response, thank you and God bless you.

Best regard
Ms. Mariam Ture

rubbish, right?!

6 years ago

What are some people like?

So sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve just deleted their profile so that should stop them for the time being. Some of you might remember a similar thing happening a year or so ago. We added the verification code before people could send direct messages to stop this happening from automated spammers, however it seems the brainy spambots are catching up fast…

We’ll speak to our developer to look into new ways to try and avoid this happening. Unfortunately though it seems spammers are developing as fast as the technology to prevent it. We’ll let you know how we get on.

Apologies again for this.


In other news, I hope you’re all well and not snowed in? Sorry for lack of presence on here recently, I’m currently in south America on our round the world trip and loving every minute! (not wishing to gloat) We’re back to the uk in mid April.

I hope the spam stops!


6 years ago

@gav and @stumbler i wasn’t trying to dig out the shift ms website nor blame them (i think the site is really good!!) i just wanted to let everybody using this website know the quickest and most clear way possible. I did, at the same time, send an explanatory email to the shiftms nerve centre. including the email send to me. It might be obvious to most of us that is is a scam i’m sure but still better safe than sorry. If nobody would ever fall for these type of scam emails they just would not be send. Gpeps thank you for your assistance. Nothing else you can do unfortunately there will always be spammers and scammers. trying to wiggle their way in from all angles.

x lottie

6 years ago

Lottie. I think most of us are aware that there are Forum spammers out there.
It was good of you to bring it to everyone’s attention.

6 years ago

What a fab start to the week – freezing cold, too much snow and scam from mariam! My brain wasn’t cold enough that I replied!
Keep warm, keep smiling everyone! x

6 years ago

I wasn’t haing a go at you Lottie, thank you for your concern for us all, unlike those damned spammers 🙂

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