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Does anyone have any helpful hints for injecting?? My legs and tummy are like one massive giant bruise/ red lump!! I have Type 1 diabetes as well and am slowly running out of space! Any ideas???

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I spoke to my nurse and she suggested heating up the area with the pads provided by them and don’t apply a cold pad after injecting – seems to do the trick! If you’re bruising you are possibly injecting too deep…

Hey Lu … for me some spots bruise worse than others. My stomach around my belly button bruises occassionaly because I just think the skin is softer or something but I think like Vanessa said using an ice pack for a bit after you inject might help with the bruising not being so severe. Hope all is going well though. Just remember plenty of people here to offer advice 🙂

Hope you have a good Christmas, and I’ll just assume that it will be cold and snowing lol, most certainly not the case here that is for sure.

Thanks guys any tips help. Cant wait for them to put it all into a tablet.DjBlack its gonna be a hot Christmas for me too in Australia! But would love a snowy Christmas for a change

ahhhh my bad Lu lol. Yeah I’m up in North Queensland so we might get an extra special Christmas with a cyclone or two thrown in just to be sure haha … I’ve only had one Christmas day where it rained … and that was last year 🙁 lol

After my injections i use a warm wash cloth and cover the injection site this help me from swelling and redness. Im also on Rebif so the injections are subq. If you take those kind of shots (subq) try the back of your arms and the top of your butt

I’m on copaxone but it is subq .I haven’t been brave enough yet to try my arms but i might have to start!! Is Rebif painful to inject??
That’s cool DjBalck, dont think i mentioned I’m an Aussie. I heard on the radio you guys might be getting a cyclone. I’m in Victoria so a sunny nice 32 for Christmas, beach weather!!

Rebif is a subq as well so injections dont bother me. You should really go for your arms and the fatty part of your butt, just dont make a muscle while you inject. youll be fine if i was scared of needles and i got use to the arms and stomach you can do the same, just add a warm compress after you inject it can prevent the redness and hardening of the skin.

Do you use the autoinject device? I’m using the Rebiject after having struggled with manual injections for a little while. Once I’d been shown how to use it properly I found that the bruising etc died down – now I very rarely get any bruising and I’m the type of person that bruises by bumping into something normally! x

i started with the rebiject and i love it!! i rarely get bruising too but i do get the redness after i injected but i was taught to use a warm cloth after you inject in prevent the redness and it does work. but after 4 years of using rebif im still hesitate to do my stomach i do my legs butt and sometimes my arms how r u with injecting in your stomach??

I got given the autoinject thingy but i havent been shown how to use it. Ive been injecting for six years before the MS so ive just been jabbing it in like i do with the insulin! How do you find out how to work these autoinject things?
Fchimienti512- The stomach is fine to inject in but maybe im being a bit rough. i havent been brave enough to use my arms, do they hurt??

Merry Christmas as well guys, hope you all have a great day and thanks for the advice!!

Lu: when i started Rebif they issued me a rebiject and when i received my first set of needles i had to call a nurse to show me how to inkect properly with and without the rebiject, im surprised that copaxone doesnt have a autoinjector, i would go on their website and see if there any phone #`s to call and ask.

As for the arm that does not hurt as long as u dont make a muscle and inject in the tricep area and the fattiest section. i cant believe they didnt explain how to inject properly, , Try to pinch the skin where you are going to inject and release the pinched skin as your injecting, this can also reduce the swelling and rednnes but i would stop just jabbing the needle and take it slow when injecting let me know how its going

hi 🙂

I’ve been on Rebif since the beginning of January ’12. I was trained on injecting with the Rebiject II but wasn’t fond of it.. I didn’t like the anticipation of “pulling the trigger.”

I used the Rebiject auto injector for a few weeks but ended up switching to the pre-filled syringe when I began to experience a lot of pain while injecting– I think it was because I began the higher dose (44 mcg) and the therapy was ijected too quickly.

Since setting the Rebiject aside, I’ve been able to control the speed in which I inject and I haven’t experienced an ounce of pain. The Rebiject also bruised my skin (purple and red with bumps) in all locations except my stomach. The bruising and redness has, too, disappeared since losing the Rebiject.

I don’t apply a hot or cold press before/after and seem to be fine… however, I do allow the medication to get to room temperature before injecting. I injected the cold medicine one night just to see the difference and it was a bit painful.

Hope that helps– seems like everyone is so different (go figure with MS!)… many like their autoinjectors, but I do not! Try both ways for yourself! 🙂

I think it also depends on the drug – I’ve just switched from Rebif to Copaxone and am bruising a lot more now. Generally, I’ve found the Copaxone much worse in terms of skin reactions – red, lumpy, bruising, stinging. Just keeping my fingers crossed that it will improve with time!

I use the hot packs which keeps the redness and bruising down. Dosent get rid ofthe all together especially on my thighs but it makes it better to inject and moisturising ISA Huge help aswell the vasiline one is great

I use Bio-oil to moisturize my injection site areas. I only get a little red bump for maybe two days and it’s gone. I really recommend it.

Nobody’s mentioned RebiSmart yet. I can change the depth of the needle and the speed. Might help reduce the injection site bruises.

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