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F the Fatigue

Hi all,
I’m just wondering if you have any pointers on how to overcome severe MS fatigue? I can only seem to find info on how to live with the fatigue not on how to overcome it.
Any suggestions would be wonderful.
Thank you 🙂

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6 years ago

I never think thoughts like “I used to be able to do this for much longer” or “why am I so tired after doing that iny bit of work?” Now I just think “oh well” and sit down!

6 years ago

drugs, i take Amantadine and it helps

6 years ago

Hey JessB

I wonder the same things sometimes … so much out there about how to deal with it but not so much at how to beat it. As mentioned above I think there is some drugs you can get (I haven’t looked) but I do think there will be a partial part of fatigue that we will have to deal with regardless.

It sucks I must admit … I’m finding my legs just can’t handle the amount of exercise I used to do now, takes a lot longer to recover :(. Also sick of having to rely on coffee to give me a bump and wake up haha.

All the best anyway … let us know how you go 🙂


6 years ago

Thanks guys 🙂
I’m trying Amantadine again so hopefully that helps.
I will have weeks on end where I can only get out and function for a few hours a day (and feel horrible while I do it), some days after I struggle to be up and showered ready to leave the house by 4 pm.
is that normal with MS fatigue?

6 years ago

I have the same problem so now look at what I have coming up eg. a meal at weekend or hospital on a friday and make sure I don’t book too much around these now which means I can rest in between instead of it always getting in of the way of my social life. Saying this if all my planning goes wrong I still give in as this is always better than making myself ill

6 years ago

That’s no good … makes me feel bad for saying that I just get a bit tired :(.

Hope that Amantadine helps you out and you get something back from it.

6 years ago

I’m swimming again for thirty minutes at around twelve (I sneek off from work)-it makes you feel high enough to get through some of the day but then you’re exhausted.

Look, honestly, everyone’s going to tell you to be positive and to make a list of the good things in life but my mom, once said ‘there are certain things you can’t do. Deal with it- your body cannot handle certain things- if you’re fatigued go home.’ It was probably the hardest thing that she could say she’s seen me through a lot of tough stuff and MS was just another burden.

The thing is that although it sounds counterproductive she’s right. I’m not going to give up but when MS gets bad it gets really BAD and healthy ppl won’t get it.

Basically don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We want to keep up with the rest of them but we get depressed when we can’t. I’m not perfect I’m trying not to put the pressures of life on me but for the time being I’m focusing on the little things: injecting when I got to, suffering from the pain, popping vit d, swimming and resting when I need to. This website has also gotten me through dark days… I’m just happy for the time being cos I swam 😉

Do whatever works for you.

6 years ago

Im sure there must be something out there to take! Some mornings i wake up, shower, and that’s me for the day. My whole life up until recently everyone thought i was ADD! I was always running round the place. It would be good to make it through one whole day without having to rest!!

6 years ago

I’ve had really bad fatigue recently but i tryed going swimming for a few weeks and now am not as tired as much, maybe try that

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