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Hi all,
I need to let the DVLA know about my MS. The form you have to complete doesn’t really cover a good day/ bad day scenario. During my relapses in particular, I am basically totally reliant on my bf, can’t see, can’t walk etc so obviously couldn’t drive….

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…but inbetween relapses, although my legs are quite weak, especcially when walking, I would be fit to drive. What should I put on the form? or can I write an accompanying letter to go with it? Any advice??x

If I were you, I’d ask your MS nurse to help you with it. They have more experience as like you said, if your condition is fluctuating a lot, it may need some explaining! The DVLA will write to your doctor anyway, and possibly your neuro as well for supporting evidence. Even if you’re more than capable of driving they will most likely put you on a three year licence and then review again after then. I think that’s just standard practice with MS regardless of how well you are!

Why don’t you give them a call? It just goes to show that you are capable of making rational decisions about yor driving capabilities.
Don’t forget to advise your car insurance as well – there should be no additional premium, nce the DVLA are aware.

Thanks guys…helpful as always:)

You need to tell them and go for a full medical test for the dvla so the no about the good days and bad days, thats what am having to do anyway 🙂 x

I had to have an eye test for field vision for DVLA at a specific optician approved by them. I think it’s normal to have your licence reduced to three years, then renewable again after another medical report.

Thanks again. Zoe, I actually think a full medical would be a good thing. MS just doesn’t fit into the boxes that form filling requires does it?! Grrr! Thanks to you too Irene, again, an eye test wouldn’t put me off because outside of relapse bad times, my sight is normal and good:) Feeling like I’m on a bit of a mission. I’m determined that 2012 will be the year I get driving!Fingers crossed anyway:)

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