6 years ago
Cold Weather

Hey all! Does anyone find their ms symptoms worsen in this cold weather? My walking definitely feels more laboured (walking through treacle time) but I wouldn’t say I was in a massive relapse…! The fun and games! Bring back summer (not humid summer though 🙂 )!

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Hi Vanessa,

Yep, my symptoms definitely worsen in the cold!My already shocking ‘walking stick assisted’ walking becomes even more shocking!

As for the summer heat, well fatigue then becomes an issue!

22C all year round, with no wind, would be the ideal solution! :p


I needed to book myself in for a little cold weather check at physio last witer. My physio told me that they’d had loads of people doing the same thing, that there is an optimum temperature for nerve function, and, funnily enough, that wasn’t it. Too hot we don’t work, too cold, we don’t work.

It’s my first year with this ms – so far I’ve learnt – stress increases symptoms, don’t get ill and if it’s too hot legs pack up… and now if it’s too cold legs pack up too! Think I’m going to start chasing the 22C sun – could prove expensive! : )
Fab to know it was not just me!

Can I come too? Like you too hot or too cold not great for me. When the weather gets colder just seems to take me so much longert to do anything, legs decide want to stay in bed!


It’s not just the extremes of hot or cold that do me but more if they’re accompanied by highish humidity as well.

i went to Italy last year and 2 weeks in 35degC was ok. i came back here and it was 25degC but really muggy…….finished me off!!

The cold weather is really not helping me in my quest to recover from my last mega relapse, its not exactly a good bed fellow for doing my Physiotherapy, I just need to keep telling myself that it is helping.

it seems that the extreme weather (too hot or too cold) could bring back my symptoms. my walking worsen with the weather. it still push myself to exercise…dont want to become lazy but i feel like this and dont understand…

Such a crazy disease! However since you all feel the same – I am feeling less panicked that I’m having a relapse..and when less panicked legs do feel stronger…This website is a god send! Thank you all! x

Hey there Vanessa I’m on the opposite side of the coin weather wise … about to run into summer here in Australia lol. And as I haven’t really had a proper full Summer with my MS I’m kind of interested to see how it’ll go. I can’t really say much about the cold … I complain if it gets below 20 degrees C.

Cold certainly is bad for me, someone just opening a door and letting the cold air in makes me feel like electric shocks are running through my body, especially my legs, takes ages for them to settle down. My limbs feel so heavy, everything is so much more effort.

dont know whats going on, the cold weather is suppose to help with the inflamation in my lesions but that does not seem to happen. Maybe the cold makes me lazy in a way. Centainly the hot weather is even worse for me, my symptoms increase in a big way.

Let’s all just stay inside and get fat together :O

Hi Vanessa, I had problems when we had that Indian summer heatwave back in October (in the UK),yet I went to Spain mid september and the heat there did not effect me at all, not sure why, maybe because I was relaxed on holiday/aircon/ cool pool (which I don’t get in Manchester!!!) Now its cold, the only way to describe my mobility at the moment is that of the Tin man….I seize up after a while and feel like I need oiling. I do find certain parts of this condition fascinating sometimes, frustrating but fascinating. Wrap up warm.

Hi Vanessa – I think there is definately something in it – I get that nervous feeling you get when you shiver but dont feel the cold – does that make ANY sense to anyone??!!

The Tin man analogy made me burst out laughing – I know exactly what you mean – joints need oiling! I think we’ll all have to go into hybernation until spring!!!!!

Cold locks me up really bad and hot causes collapse. Ill take 75* anytime.

Hi there Vanessa
I find if my feet are cold I am all cold and off balance
I have just purchased 30 pairs of toe “hotties” they are air activated and really do help, I suffer badly from Raynauds in hands and toes x

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