6 years ago
Bummer, MRI clear

Had my first MRI a few weeks ago, had a letter from consultant back to GP saying my MRI is pristine !! waiting for appointment now with Consultant to discuss the results and options, my symptoms are gradually getting worse, so baffled nothing showed on MRI.

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Your consultant should be able to tell you what it is, but if you love diet drinks or chewing gum, give them up as may be mimicking MS with the effects of the artificial sweetener aspartame

no don’t drink diet drinks or chew gum or have sweetner. this is my second bout of the symptoms in 2.5 years, started around feb again with stronger pins and needles both hands and feet, now with heavy numbness in arms and legs extreme exhaustion, pains, need the loo alot, tightness ocasionally around chest and middle, off balance, funny twitches, back pains and muscle weakness. have also recently bee diagnosed with coeliac disease another auto immune disease.

P.S i have also had a bout of trigeminal nuralgia, consultant on first appointment after doing lots of balance and eye test, tuning fork and hitting me with a stick, taking into consideration the trigeminal nuralgia and coeliac, he said it is more likely for me to have another auto immune response, he said he thinks i have an auto immune response causing inflamation of the central nervous system, and then went on to explain demyelination. he said if MRI comes back clear he was looking at a lumbar puncture.

Will have to wait now for my second appointment to get his response to the results and a way forward. so frustrating. He’s a new consultant at Preston Royal called Dr Mills, seems very on the ball, if anyones ever heard of him ?

Hi Folks
I am a new member of the PPMS club, are diet drinks out of bounds?

Was the MRI done of the brain AND spinal cord?

yes the MRI was of both, was on scanner for an hour !!

Gluten has a lot to answer for if it’s down to coeliac disease. (am not too sure about what the symptoms of that are – wikipedia is the next point of call I think)

the symptoms are entirely different to MS

Dr mills is the first consultant who I have seen and after been told I may have ms,definitely don’t have ms and now he has told me he is sure I do have ms, he has also sent me for a lumbar puncture.what was the outcome with yourself?

I am one of the 5 percent of people who shows no lesions on MRI’s but I was diagnosed with MS with a lumbar Puncture. I had 6 oligo clonal bands. Apparently all my lesions are probably in my grey matter and not white matter. White matter lesions are the only ones visible on an MRI

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