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2nd line treatment with only 2 relapses

Lovely people, thanks for listening!

My story started a year ago with only 2 minor relapses, like numbness in my hands and legs and later on I lost my left eye-sight for a while.
This was followed with a 1st line treatment (Copaxone) for the last year or so, and I fully recovered from those relapses.

I’ve had good year, not one single relapse since then, but the MRI scans show declination, more lesions each time.

My doctor now suggests to switch to 2nd line treatment, as a preventive measure.
A pro-active approach you might say.

Tysabri, Mavenclad or Lemtrada are the options they gave me.

What are your thoughts?
What is your experience with any of these drugs?

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2 months ago

@iamgeyser , as you can imagine, there’s been quite a few comments on the treatments.

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2 months ago

Hey @iamgeyser, what matters more than the MRIs is actually how you are feeling and coping. Procativity is a blessing with our condition, as people in different areas and places encounter such differences with the service provision, so sounds like your team are on top of monitoring at least……all the best 🙂

2 months ago

@vixen Thanks for Replying! Yes, and I’m coping very well I think, positive attitude, far from depressed, next to some exhaustion I feel fine! I do have pain in several joints though, not sure if it’s relateble (might be from a horizontal resting posish). So I think these meds might be too harsh of an approach? To me they don’t sound like meds, but more like poison.

2 months ago

@iamgeyser your story sounds exactly like mine. I got formally diagnosed in 2016 after a relapse then shortly after I got diagnosed I had a second relapse. Ever since then, I haven’t noticed much disease progression in myself, I’ve been staying active at the gym, work and my social life. I though I was kicking MS’s ass so imagine my surprise when my neurologist told me I had 3 new lesions despite being on tecfidera and feeling fine. I choose ocrevus as my new med so fingers crossed it helps! But you’re right, I think that being proactive and not allowing MS to progress any further is the key. Im so happy to hear your thriving despite the challenges that face you. So tackle it head on I say, its been working for you so far 🙂

2 months ago

@sm050 Thanks! Great to hear someone with a similar trajectory. I was thinking Lemtrada at first, but it seems kind of a harsh measure to take… How is Ocrevus treating you so far?
How long are you on it? Happy to hear you’re coping well! Keep on keeping on!

2 months ago

@iamgeyser I haven’t started it yet, I start in a couple weeks but from what I hear most people have been tolerating it really well!

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