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25-35 MSers (RR MS, female)

My wife was diagnosed with RR MS in Dec 2015 and doesn’t know anyone else that has it. She’s 35 and has always been such a bubbly person. She’s worried about meeting other MS people in case they’re quite progressed and she’ll find it upsetting.

I would love to show her that there are others out there who are going through the same thing as her – trying to be a working professional, but finding it very hard at times.

Shes on Tecfidera which I believe is causing her to feel nauseous- be amazing if others had the same experience.

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2 years ago

Hey Gary

My name is Avril and I’m 35 and I was diagnosed with RRMS in June 2015. I am currently working full time and I am on Tysabri for my treatment. I’m still fully functioning (I think lol), if your wife wants to chat tell her to drop me a message and I’m happy to listen and share my experiences with her.


2 years ago

Hi Gary, in a similar position to Avril although a bit younger, and would be happy to chat to your wife if she’s interested in meeting, i’m on tecfidera (i’ve been on it for about 18 months and have had no problems to speak of, but i’ve had some coping mechanisms which helped me onto it i think).

you’ve added me so feel free to DM, I’m happy to travel down to Teddington to meet as well as I’ve some friends nearby.

2 years ago


I’m a little older – 37. I was diagnosed last year. I also have RRMS (and received fond
Round 1 of lemtrada last year). I’m a city professional (full time corporate lawyer) and would describe myself active of mind and body (currently celebrating the anniversary of the on set of my MS symptoms and being six months post Lem with a (very bloody hilly) hiking holiday around the island of La Palma).

To date I’ve been fortunate and my MS symptoms have been nothing worse than numb toes ( – and even then I managed a 27 mile walk along the Thames Path (denial is a wonderful thing!) so I’m grateful for that).

I can understand your wife’s fears in meeting people with more progressed disease. I was (and in part still am) the same – but have found it useful to talk to others in a similar situation to me.

Please do drop me a note if it would be helpful to talk or have a beer.

Ps – Teddington lock is lovely. My fiancΓ© used to live in Long Ditton and his old running club often race out of the Hawkers so we know it quite well.

Kat xx

2 years ago

I have been on Tecfidera for three years, I still take my pill in the middle of my meal. Every once in a while I will try to take it after but still upsets my stomach. It also has to be a large enough meal to handle it, the smallest meal I can take it with is a bowl of cereal in the morning. I don’t know how long your wife has been on it but I had to cut down on spicy foods at the beginning and gradually add them back into my diet. It took a while for my system to get use to it but worth the effort. I took shots for five years until I had skin rejection and the shots always made me feel like I was getting the flu. Potter

2 years ago

Hi Gary
I’m 36 and also on Tecfidera. I was diagnosed last summer and am still working full time in a management role in education. I live in Nottinghamshire so not close to you but send a friend request if you or your wife would like to chat!

1 year ago

Hi Gary,
I live in Twickenham and diagnosed in August 2016. Also on Tec. I’m 39. The Please tell your wife to PM me if she wants to catch up with someone locally. Thanks

1 year ago

I’m 34 and was diagnosed with RRMS last year, also on Tecfidera. Totally understand the fear of seeing the worst of what MS can do – but there are so many of us in the same situation as your wife, who are generally doing really well & just trying to work out what the diagnosis means for now and the future. I also work and am trying to understand how or if this will affect my career.

Struggling a little with side effects of Tec too, feel free to send me a message is she wants to chat! x

1 year ago

I’m 38 and recently diagnosed with RRMS. Still in the process of navigating the drug options so interesting to read about them here. I’m looking for full time work but have always worked full time and will be back as soon as I find the right job. Am a bit nervous with so much going on at once but refreshing to hear that others are out there.


1 year ago

Hi! I used to think like that too until i joined an ms group, full of old ladys (and few men) and i can tell you they were awsome! (I am 44 diagnosed in 2010) . Because those who go to these groups are the best (mentally) and optimistic ones! Some were in wheelchairs but i have been so amazed by their determination! Have a look at the mssociety webpage to see if a group is near you.

1 year ago

Amen to that @mmhhpp….am a +20 years on your missus Gary, but when first dX at Hinchenbrooke, was floored the first & second time went to MS meets, to the point I left after 5 mins, really scared ‘oh my, Is this my future”……went back again & talked to those around me….a bit to much ‘running interference’ from some carers, didn’t help, but when you got through to the one with the MS issues, what an amazing bunch, & the realisation dawned on me, I’d read what I could at the time about MS, but nothing like meeting MS folk first hand….some had really progressive symptoms, some for a long, long while…the list went on & on……all I can say is WE ARE all so different…..erm…some like @doubleo7hud, @tog1, @potter et al are a revelation….hope your missus finds the folk here are understanding, helpful, mindful & lots of other fuls as their are….

1 year ago

Not forgetting @stumbler & others, the oracle of all that makes sense…..soz stumbler & others, how could I forget you guys….see Gary, It does happen, when you least expect it…..doh

1 year ago

I also share @mmhhpp ‘s view.

When I was first diagnosed, I joined the local MS Treatment Centre. I walked in there and didn’t feel that I fitted, amongst the wheelchairs and walking sticks.

It was some 15 years later that I started going down there regularly, when I needed two sticks. After a few visits, it just struck me that this was one of the happiest environments. Everyone was there to be sociable and to help each other out.

After another year or so, I was happy to be chucked out of a plane at 10,000 feet to raise money for them!

So, don’t write off the older MSers. We may not have had all the treatments that are available now, but we’re still here and are happy to help.

1 year ago

as a related note to any of the london-based responders to this, we are having a meetup tomorrow in Moorgate, i’ve been chatting to one of the other guys going and i think he could use some more positive viewpoints from people who’ve been dealing with MS for a while coming along (if you can make it that is)

Starbucks meet up

(sorry if it’s an inappropriate plug but just thinking it might also be of interest to you)

1 year ago

I was diagnosed with Ms in 2012 I was 23, I mourned the loss of my health for a very long time, I only told close friends and relatives and to this day, I do not talk openly about having ms, my partners family do not know and I like it that way! (Personal choice) I live everyday as a normal day (I’m happy), the reason I do not talk or think about it a lot is mainly because I’m scared πŸ™ I have two beautiful boys under 3 having children and being a mummy is one of the best things I did,and I was fine through out both my pregnancies and after πŸ™‚ I am very optimistic that we are living in a day and age where there will be a cure πŸ™‚ I take tecfidera which has shown on my last MRI that my lesions have shrunk and disappeared, it doesn’t take away my symptoms but I’m hopeful ( I am fully fuctioning). I no there’s no cure but if lesions can be shrunk it’s a huge positive. I’m just a bit of a closed book but it works for me πŸ™‚ most of all I look after my health, I take vitamin D 5000 requested by my Neuro and I take curcumin which helps with inflammation it has very good healing properties I also do circuits to keep fit and eat healthy. I work 3 days a week but currently on maternity with my second little man, this is also a time where I study to further my carer and work for mine and my families future. I live everyday as if I would with out the diagnoses. This is my normal 😏 I hope you can find yours soon.

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