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2100mg a day gabapentin 💤

No wonder I’m feeling knackered a lately. Been on this dosage since Friday n all I wanna do is sleep.

It’s supposed to help with my tremor in my left hand.

Anyone on a similar dosage n how r u wi em?
I was ok on 1800mg but now it’s all about sleeeeep!!

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8 months ago

I couldn’t take the Gabapentin when they tried me on it last year. They then prescribed Pregabalin which is along the same lines and after a bit of trial and error with the dosage, I worked out a dose in the morning and a dose double the strength in the evening works better for me. I had it for pins and needles and firey pains and shooting electric shock sensations when they were really bad.
The drowsiness calmed down several weeks after levelling the dose.

I’ve weaned off them now, but it was hard and took 2 months after being on them for over a year. I’d have no hesitation in going back on them if things get really bad again, but only if it gets chronic.

My hubby has a non MS tremor and twitching and his neuro gave him cbt focus exercises and encouraged him to take up art, and that helps him as it focuses his brain on the pictures and distracts him from worrying about the tremor and twitch, which can exacerbate the symptoms, don’t know if it will work with MS tremors, as I’ve not had them myself, @rotherhamdave?

Good luck 🤞, maybe enforced sleeping 😴 really well will help your brain reboot and rewire itself!

8 months ago

Thanks @vivien. I will see how I go n if it dunt work al knock em on the head n go back to my normal dosage.

8 months ago

I take 2700mg of it each day, 900mg 3x daily. It’s never really made me tired, but I know it has that effect on lots of people. I’m currently weaning off because it doesn’t help with my nerve pain at all. I do take anywhere from 10 to 40mg of propranolol for my tremors in my hands and head and it works really well for it. I like it because it can be used as needed and works immediately, doesn’t have to build up in your system.

8 months ago

I was on 1800mg for 13 years for nerve pain with no probs. Increased to 2100mgwhen tremors started- not good. Now take primidone for tremors 250mg twice a day. It works well and neuro says its the best meds for tremors.

8 months ago

@mlgilber1 I tried propanolol but dint do owt for me, just more sleep. Wow!! 2700mg I wouldn’t get outta bed

@bullman cheers for that drug name. I will inquire n try out


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