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1 lesion on brain- if not MS, then what?

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could ask for a bit of advice – I had an MRI in October 2016 after some tingling issues, which was clear. I had another bout of symptoms in March/April (sensitivity to hot/cold in my right hand and foot, some trouble with speech, weakness on right hand side), and I’ve just had a second MRI which showed 1 small lesion (not sure how small though). Nothing showed up with contrast.

The neurologist says that the tests so far are inconclusive – the second MRI was on a 3T machine, the first on a 1.5T MRI, so it’s possible that the lesion was there all along, and wasn’t the result of MS. The contrast didn’t show up, but that could have been because my symptoms started 2 months before the MRI.

He has booked me in for a lumbar puncture, with the view that if it’s positive, then MS is likely – if it’s negative, then it’s not likely.

My question is this – how likely is it that I could be having MS-like symptoms, and have a lesion on my brain, and not have MS? What else could it be? I’d be very happy if it wasn’t MS, but if it is, then I’d like to know asap. I do appreciate that there are criteria I have to meet, but my understanding is that if I have had 2 episodes that look like clinical relapses, plus a lesion, that’s enough to call it.

thanks in advance for your advice – I’m so grateful to have such a supportive community to turn to.

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1 year ago

@jack54321 , we can accumulate lesions on the brain as we age.

Also, MRIs may not show the full picture regarding any damage which may, or may not, be caused by MS. The results of the lumber puncture will add another piece to this jigsaw.

It is all the “ifs and buts” that make Neuros reticent about providing a formal diagnosis of MS until they are certain. MS is a label that is once given and cannot be taken back.

So, be patient, or a bit more patienter…………

@jack54321 on the bright side based on what you said if it is MS it seems likely its RRMS. An LP is only about 90% accurate from my understanding so even if its negative, not sure you can still rule out MS. At this point you probably at least know there is some neurological thing going on and personally would at minimum consider some kind of lifestyle modification (exercise, diet, mindfulness etc) to likely improve all possible situations. Also I would recommend getting familar with MS, in case it is, so you are more quickly prepared to make decisions. Would suggest you read up on this site and consider something like which goes over some lifestyle changes. There are other options out there, but thats the one we follow in our family. There are a number of drugs all with different tradeoffs and they each take a while to start so getting familiar with that would probably be good as well. Its a lot to take in, but there is a lot of hope today even if you are diagnosed with MS.

1 year ago

Hi there,

I have a new MS diagnosis; 10 years ago I had another autoimmune condition called sarcoidosis. When some symptoms came up six months ago for a while they thought it might have returned as neurosarcoidosis although this has been now ruled out. I understand that with neurosarcoidosis there can be lesions spotted on an MRI. The two conditions are fairly similar and there have been some examples of misdiagnosing one for the other. Anyway, good luck with ongoing investigations, the Shift force is with you!

1 year ago

Hi all,

Thanks very much for the advice – very much appreciated.

@californiadreamin I will start making some changes to my lifestyle, even if it’s not MS i’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to eat better, exercise and de-stress!

@stumbler of course you are absolutely right, I need to be patient, but that’s definitely not a strong point! My anxiety wants a resolution one way or another.

@vixen thanks for the tip – will google 🙂

1 year ago

@jack54321 , anxiety and stress are agitators of MS and are best avoided……… 😉

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