The Energy

Anyone who’s been through something life changing (like a diagnosis of MS) will know that after a transformative experience your perspective can shift. The desire to do something positive may become strong. At, we call this MS Energy. MS Energy is important to us, as without it, we wouldn’t exist. It’s where we came from. But it’s also our present and future.

The Energy is a dynamic network of people who help to run our community. This collective energy ensures that together we can do great things. By MSers, for MSers.

No matter what you can do, or how long you’ve got, your contribution to The Energy will make a difference. We’ve got short and long term roles in a variety of areas.

Come and join us.


Because we’re a charity, fundraising is really important to us. We’re always on the lookout for ways to raise money, so we can keep the community alive.


Spread the Word

You’ve found us, but there are thousands of MSers out there who haven’t. We need people to tell the world about, so that we can be sure we’re reaching MSers in every corner of the globe


Social Media

As a charity based online, social media is one of our most important assets. It’s our eyes, ears and mouth. And it’s important that we’re getting the best from it.


Behind the Scenes

The ship may look serene from the outside, but under the surface there’s a team of people working hard in the engine room. If the limelight isn’t for you and you’re more content helping with the day to day stuff, then get involved behind the scenes.


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