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ESA assessment Nov 2021

Hi everyone, This is a bit of a vent, cry, shout and things along those lines. I just discovered today that I’m due an ESA assessment next year. Why, when I’ve got a progressive disease? Answers not necessarily required. In 2013 I was due a second assessment, first was 2011. I went through the route of “unable to attend”. Doing this meant I ad to prove why not so I contacted my MS nurse. After this I received a letter saying I’d been awarded esa support group. I’m scared it’ll be ANOTHER benefit I’ll get less from because “Oh you look well, you don’t seem disabled” situation. It is soo unfair. I just want to AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!



Dear @dvtrv, I feel your pain. It’s so frustrating dealing with these people. I just went through the application for renewal of my disabled parking badge (nowhere near as difficult as E.S.A. I imagine, but an awful bureaucratic process nonetheless). It took me hours, when all I wanted to say was, “Look, you gave it to me last time, I have an incurable, progressive disease. Just leave me alone, and give me what a lifetime of paying taxes has entitled me to.” But hey, who in government is going to listen to the likes of us? I hope it goes well for you. Cheers Jon



Hey @wjgregg Can it be any more annoying. Rhetorical question BTW Had pip assessment not so long ago. Only received standard for both and was suggested not to contend as could take more off me than awarded. That was from the CAB via the MS Society advising that so I had to just accept it. This new info about ESA assessment has caused my legs to misbehave.



@dvtrv , the DWP are supposed to be doing "soft touch" reassessments for incurable condition. Let's hope you experience this........



Hey @stumbler long time pal, how u doing? Sorry but I can’t see the “soft touch” being as named. I just don’t trust the F******, apologise for me expressing in such a manner. Each corner costs me both financially and mentally. Wasting my time complaining but I need to vent. I’m actually upset by it all and believe me, apart from MS, I’ve had plenty to upset me and this is the first to hit a nerve. Think I’m just in need of a hug from anyone who can relate. Thanks for listening, I know I’m not the only one with such grievances, thank you



I've applied for ESA and PIP for the first time this year. I have my ESA assessment by phone in less than 2 weeks and I'm dreading it. The forms were so awful to complete. I'm in tears every time I really think about it. I have fruitlessly searched for anywhere to explain how bad the system is and end up screaming into the void. I've started storing my rants of the process on a blog just to have somewhere to express it all. How do you cope?




I applied for my PIP early this year and had a phone assessment during the first lockdown. Which is guess worked in my favour because i got the max for both, and very soon hopefully next week, getting my first ever motability car. But i recently applied for ESA after not knowing that i was entitled to it. I just got a text on friday, to say that i need to send them a fit note from my GP. Which i have now got, but every time i try and upload it, it fails. I don't think that these people realise that the hoops they make us jump through adds stress to our lives, and the more we are stressed the likelihood of having a relapse is great. I am no longer working, but have paid taxes for over 20 years, i think it's time, they pay me some of the money they have stolen from me. What you think?