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Time Awareness

Greetings! I don't know if this is MS related or just something else, but I thought I'd ask! The issue is not being aware of how much time has passed or not being able to accurately gauge how much time has gone by. In clinic test, I was off by ~25%! Is anyone else like this? Opinions? Advice? Known research? Thank you! Mayvår



@mayvar , MS can give us all kinds of cognitive issues, where our brain has problems with too much information to process. It doesn't surprise me that this could manifest itself in temporal awareness too.



@mayvar yes! I am also calendar challenged and find it harder to operate with a week’s planned. I have to use timers a lot at work so I don’t spend too long on things. For example I have 30 minute appointments and I was in a room that the clock had no battery. Completely messed up the day! I do have a watch but when a client is pouring their heart out to you it’s a bit rude to keep checking. Neuropsychologist says it’s about sequential stuff. Remember also stress and fatigue make the old brain go worse -she put it in her report as it was clear on the tests. Great hair btw 😀