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Did you know is the only UK based organisation focused on the recently diagnosed population?

We get that there are other impacts on a newly diagnosed MSer aside from the medical and physical ones. We’re talking about the emotional and social impacts. So our ongoing mission is to create a way for MSers to chat with each other and create change rather than bombard you with mountains of information.

Social support, when it’s most needed

Have you visited the Speakeasy forum? It’s there to enable recently diagnosed MSers to talk to others already living with the condition. They can compare experiences and learn from each other. It’s a safe place, free from judgement. is similar to other social networks (naming no names) in that members can make friends, send direct messages and ‘heart’ posts.  

Want to talk to others in a similar situation? Easy! A member can search for members by age, diagnosis date, treatment choice and type of MS. Soon members will be able to plot themselves on our map and start finding others near them. 

We know our community don’t always want to talk about MS so there are plenty of groups to join to talk about films, cats or Star Trek.  

We’re being extra kind to our community and adding another new feature to the site – a Meet Up function. So if a member or supporter wants to set up an event and invite others, no problem, you’ll be able to do this on the site. Don’t forget our invite! 

Words don’t always cut it. We’re a fan of creating films to inspire and motivate MSers. Our films like ‘Gallop’ and ‘Belong’ reflect the key life changes MSers might experience and explain the disease outside of its medical context. Watch all our films here.

We know access to knowledge is key to adjustment and being able to self-manage MS so our MS Reporters pose questions that matter to the community to leading MS experts across the UK.


A number of organisations provide funding and support for the work we do. We’re really thankful to: 

• Wellcome Trust 

• Nominet Trust

• Biogen

• Genzyme

• Novartis

• Merck Serono

• Teva

If you’d like to know more about us, or think you might be able to help, either with knowledge of MS, experience of helping MSers or funding, please get in touch.