For most, living life with Multiple Sclerosis is quite enough to be getting on with so the prospect of entering yourself into a clinical trial is an unnecessary step into the unknown.


On top of this clinical trials are often hidden out of sight and it can feel like you need to really work to find out more about them. While it’s true that a clinical trial is not risk free it can also bring huge opportunity to your care, whether that be in getting access to a potentially more effective treatment or getting more support from your care team. This series aims to try and demystify clinical trials, what they are, how they work, what its like to be on one and what the risks and benefits are.


There are four episodes in this series;


Episode 1 ‘What are clinical trials’, looks to start with the basics, covering some of the first questions that come to mind.
Episode 2 ‘The Nitty Gritty’ – Aims to get into it a little more and covers the more indepth inner workings of what happens on a trial.
Episode 3 ‘What’s in it for me?’ – Lists out some of the benefits of getting involved and gets a patients perspective of being involved in a Clinical Trial
Episode 4 ‘What’s Next?’ – This episode sets out some resources and questions to ask if you want to find out more about getting involved


Episode 1 – What are clinical trials anyway?

This episode of “The rough guide to clinical trials’ aims to set out the simple stuff – what is a clinical trial, why do they exist how do they work, if you have ever wondered about where treatments come from this is a great place to start.


Episode 2 – The nitty gritty

This episode of ‘The rough guide to clinical trials’ gets into the heart of the topic, and work through the ins and outs of what a clinical trial is and what you can and should expect from being involved.


Episode 3 – Whats in it for me?

In this episode of the clinical trials series we discuss with Dominic what’s in it for the MSer. Dominic has had quite a bit of experience with clinical trials in MS and hopefully his insight will help shed some light on some pros and cons as well as what it’s like being involved in a trial.


Episode 4 – What’s next?

In this episode of the clinical trials series were gonna get into what you can do to get involved – where can you go to learn more, who you can talk to and what you can expect when you do get involved.


Useful Links

There’s a lot of info out there about clinical trials but here is a selection based on what was mentioned in the videos as well as some other useful bits and pieces.

As recommended by Ana Cavey – Clinical is a great place to find studies currently recruiting patients with MS. – How to read a study can seem super complicated – this guide is really useful to help make sense of the chaos. – Learn about trials

A resource put together by covering everything you need to know about clinical trials.


Which trials and where

MS Trust have compiled a page of resources and databases where trials in the UK can be found.

MS Trust trials team

If you want to find out more about any trial get in touch with the MS Trust trials information team

A patient perspective

An MS Trust employee discusses her experience of being involved in a trial.


NIHR UK research database

THe National Institute of Health Research is a great resource for finding out more about Clinical trials and research

Be part of research

This site is run by the NIHR, like its directory of current research but it is UK focussed and hosts smaller studies as well as large funded trials

EU trials register

This is the European Trials Registry, all large studies based in the EU will be hosted here.