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Hi All, I am caregiver for my wife who has been recently diagnosed with ms. She is 36 year old from India. One of the hardest part for both of us is coping up with the uncertainty. 1. Wife has lesions in spine and brain - does it mean an aggressive form? 2. Wife has had 3 relapses since onset of symptoms initially (Dec 2020- blurred vision, Feb 2021- loss of taste, April 2021 - numbness in legs) in these vision has returned but other two symptoms has not subsided. Does this pattern mean it's an aggressive form of ms? 3. I was told steroids help treat acute relapses. she is under steroids for last 3 weeks. but wife is saying her existing symptoms doesn't seem to have improved. is this normal? Apart from this, she says she gets sudden waves of tiredness, unable to sleep.. On the positive side, I feel, she hasn't relapsed with new symptoms since she has been in steroids for last 3 weeks. Doctors say just take one day at a time and let body recover and not to stress too much, but both of us are kind of anxious about future and the uncertainty.. Please, any insights will help regarding this.
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