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Neuro tomorrow

I haven't been diagnosed with MS (yet?) and I'm seeing the neurologist tomorrow for my follow up visit after seeing her in November. She ordered a lot of blood work on top of the tests from the GP and the emergency department and also a MRI just before Christmas. Tomorrow we talk about about results, if it's MS or CIS or something else. At first I thought I was having a stroke when this started two months ago. I'm really nervous. I want answers to see if there's a treatment or how to manage my life from here. I've been off work for two months and money is really tight as I don't have benefits and nobody to support me. I have a job that requires a lot of field work but I couldn't do that now and with the way my employer has acted since this all started doesn't make me think they'll be into accommodation (they're also really small). I have weakness in my left arm and hand. I have tingling in all my limbs (especially the left side). And wow, the fatigue is the worst part. I had tingling in all limbs except my right arm which started faintly on Christmas day. Everything else started within 24 hours in early November. Does this ever go away? Also adding to the anxiety is that the MRI tech showed me a pic of my brain and flashed by a screen where it looked there was a large whitish area. She said it would be 7-10 days to get to the neuro and another couple weeks to get through neuro for the appointment. I had a call from the neurology department within 24 hours wanting me to come in for early Jan after the break. So I guess they saw something? The positive is that I'll see someone sooner rather than later. My GP doesn't think my symptoms will go away. I just want to know where I go from here and if this is the 'new normal' for me...