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Tysabri&lemtrada. Turning down treatment

Hi all, Just checking this site out properly for the first time. Hoping it will help to discuss things with other msers rather than feel kind of isolated with my condition. I also have a decision to make regarding treatment which talking about with others might help. I'm on gilenya which is not working so my neuro an ms nurse want me to switch to tysabri or lemtrada. I'm a pretty healthy 29 year old, although I relapse once a year with drop foot, fatigue, altered sensation for like 6 weeks or so then go back to baseline. My only residing symptoms are a bit of numbness tingling and a bit of drop foot after long walks. So.. I'm thinking, do i really want to move onto these pretty hardcore drugs with risks and side effects when in my eyes I'm doing ok? I think I will stick it out and carry on taking gilenya or no treatment and try to focus more on healthy eating, exercise and meditation.Does anyone else take this approach?