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Tecfidera week 3

Hi all, I have been taking tecfidera for 3 weeks now and thought it would be helpful to give an update on how I've got on. I was really scared of starting any DMT and mulled it over for about 6 months before going for this as it seemed like a good compromise between the super-aggressive ones and the yukky-sounding injections that aren't as effective as newer drugs. So I'm posting this now in the hope it will be helpful to someone who is at the same stage. I took the half dose for 1 week and the full dose since then. Day 1: I took my first pill in the evening after a big meal. That night I woke myself up scratching - my arms were hot, red and really itchy and I was quite freaked out by it. Day 2: diarrhoea for about 20 minutes. Days 3 - 7: noticed redness and flushing a couple of hours after taking the daytime pill. Sometimes with itching that lasted about 20-30 minutes each time. Days 7 - 14: I was on holiday this week and really worried at first in case the diarrhoea came back with the higher dose. Felt hot at night (the room was hot anyway!) but otherwise no symptoms. Day 15 +: I've missed two evening doses from being tired / forgetful and the day after each one my arms get a bit red and itchy for a little while. Otherwise no symptoms. And that's it! This morning I noticed my arms looked red first thing but the itching seems to have stopped and I've had no other symptoms. I was so terrified of taking powerful drugs and being tormented by side effects that would be worse than my MS symptoms and looking back I needn't have been. Although I also think that choosing which med was part of the process of coming to terms with the diagnosis. Anyway I hope that's helpful. Of course everyone reacts differently but if you're considering it I would say go for it and see how you get on. I'm delighted I'm not putting myself through daily injections anyway.