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Struggling with my new diagnosis.

I know that MS is super complicated to diagnose, but I am just struggling to accept the diagnosis. My first relapse was two years ago with optic neuritis. A few weeks ago was the first notice of two small brain lesions. I got the diagnosis of MS. I met with a specialist and he started doing tests and blood tests. I came back positive for ANA blood test. My doctor then said we could do a lumbar puncture to 100% confirm MS. Well, I did that yesterday and while I haven't heard directly from the doctor yet my protein levels were in the 20s. Not even close to high. Everything so far has come back normal (not sure if there are any outstanding results we are waiting on). But, I am pretty sure he thinks it is MS either way based on what he originally told me. Is there anything else it could be? It doesn't feel real unless I tell someone that I have been diagnosed. Then I start accepting the diagnosis.



@rayrayjean , there are a set of criteria (https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/mcdonald-criteria) that need to be satisfied before a formal diagnosis is given. And then, acceptance will be an emotional rollercoaster for you over the next 12 months or so.



It is hard to accept I’m still accepting it and it’s been well over a year for me.. it’s not a death sentence these days though. There’s good medications and specialists to help you get through it.



@stumbler, yes it looks like they are going to go with the new way of diagnosis. My spinal tap results came back clear and completely normal. All my blood tests were normal. But based on the evidence on my MRI they want to start treatment. Well, here I go. I better start accepting that this is truly in fact my diagnosis. Yes, @sarah_g_bowley, I am glad that there are so many treatments available now days and hopefully they will slow and/or stop progression for a long long time! I even read an article the other day that there are some scientists who think they could have potentially found a cure and so I am going to start praying that what they found to work for rats will work for humans as well. I read it would still be years before they could 100% confirm it because they will need to run trails on humans, but here is to hoping!