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Optic Neuritis Not Healing

Hi All, I was diagnosed with MS about 5-6 months ago. This started with my right eye going blurry - once at the hospital i went though all the tests and came out with an MS diagnosis and optic neuritis. I was put on Tysabri immediately which im still on now. I feel fine other than my eye still being blurry which concerns me. Ive barely noticed improvement in the past 6 months. Im wondering if its permanent damage at this point or if its possible that it can still heal. If it cant heal i have the thought in the back of my mind that the left eye could go blurry at some point and ill be completely blind. Im going to try and see an eye specialist to see what their opinion is. Just wondering if anyone was in this situation and their eye still healed. Thanks.



I work on computers for over 10 hours a day so i was wondering if this could affect how my eye is healing. The optometrist said this shouldnt be an issue considering the LCD technology in displays



Hi @rabwick and welcome. If you search through the Forum (magnifying glass top left), you'll find other's experiences of Optic Neuritis and the fact that it can still be healing at 12 months and beyond. It's difficult to spot any improvement in something that you are using all the time, like your eyes. You also have age on your side, so your brain should have enough neuronal reserve to effect improvements.



Hi I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis nearly 10yrs ago - though I haven’t had pain & flashing lights for numerous years, it hasn’t healed. I am left with poor eye sight in that eye, it is -2.5, and my good eye isn’t much better (-2.0) but that compensates for it. Sorry it’s probably not what you want to hear! You may make a full recovery, it just might take some time 😊 I hope it eventually returns to normal for you



As with a lot of things about MS, optic neuritis heals at its own pace. For me, I was diagnosed because of ON but has symptoms earlier. However, my ON began improving quickly, and I had better visual field results in a week or so. I fully healed in maybe three months. Yet, I still have altered sensation in my hand over a year later. Though that has improved some. All the best to you in whatever form healing turns out to look like!



Appreciate the responses. Just noticed its been 5 months and 8 days since the optic neuritis came on.



I will ask a friend (eye specialist) ON your behalf ☺



Hi there for vision i am fine cos i am using vitamin e 671 mg a day from amazon its amazing for me saves eyes and nerves and gives energy from fats cos it fat sulable vitamin first time i used it i was stun by it but you must drink wter 2litrs a day on any vitamin and also ask your neuro if its ok to use iti hope it helps Yours Sincerely Edgars



Seeing a professional tomorrow. To be honest im fine with one eye however my concern is that something happens to the other..



My ON healed about 80-90% from completely black in my left eye over a period of months. It's been over 30 years and the vision hasn't changed since. Have some greyed out regions in field of view. I like how they put you on Tysabri immediately. Sounds like you're in good hands. Stop the damage.



Hi, I know what you mean about worrying about the other eye too! I was diagnosed after a bout of optic neuritis in which my left eye only has central vision now. I have no peripheral vision in that eye at all. I was told by an eye doctor at the time that if it hadn't changed 6 months after being diagnosed, I was going to stay how it was then. That was 2 years ago now. I know it's not the same as being blurry all year time but my left eye is definitely affected if I am tired, and true to what the doctors said, my eyesight is the same as it was then. Unfortunately it's just the way your body chooses to heal!



Thanks for the responses. Specialist basically told me there's possibility it can heal in the next 6-12 months but he showed me the damage. The vision in this eye at the moment is completely blurry. Im taking vitamins etc but i find it hard to stick to a fish and salad diet.