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Numbness - how does it feel?

Hi, I have been diagnosed with RIS (Radiologically Isolated Syndrome) - basically I have quite some lesions that I accidentally found out about, but never had any symptoms (female, 29-years old). I have a 6-month old daughter and about 3 months ago I started to experience some kind of numbness in my back. My back hurts frequently when I lift her and I do not pay attention to keeping a correct position of my whole body, but sometimes, maybe one per month, I feel some kind of diffuse numbness that goes away in 2-3 minutes if I correct my back's position. A few of days ago I started to feel this numbness again, in various areas of my back. It lasts under a minute and then disappears, only to reappear in another area, some hours later or the next day. How would you describe the numbness you feel? Is it diffuse? Does it last long? Do you feel it in the same area all the time or it changes area every time it reappears? I'm trying to figure out whether I should consider it a first symptom of MS or not. I'm quite confused.