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greater neuropathic pain after exercise?

Busy trying to find a flat to buy so have been foot slogging as best I can around various Leeds suburbs. At the end of the day I found myself actually flexing my toes when "walking" and moving more fluidly, exercise seems of benefit RE the MS, even managed to stand with my crutches off the ground for a few moments The burning neuropathic pain in my thighs now is excruciating so exercise good for one thing bad for another? Any experience of this out there? 3 - 4 times since Christmas have felt stable when upright and walked , a bit stiffly, without crutches. Doesn't MS taunt you every once in a while whilst crippling you all the time, any thing similar amongst subscribers? I have also had some e-mail correspondence with Prof G.Giovannoni @ Barts who has been a campaigner for Ocrevus for PPMS sufferers he suggested rituximab or cladribine as helpful. Does any know anything about these and PPMS. The specialist who saw and diagnosed me originally said alcohol was causative for my ms and sobriety could reduce the neuropathic pain and perhaps the spasticity. My specialist in Leeds said 'having a drink hasn't given you ms' and stopping drinking isn't going to effect your PPMS? 6 months without a drop of alcohol, certainly better off at least.