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Daily Symptoms :/

Hey guys. I'm coming up on the worst first anniversary of my life, the day i was diagnosed with RRMS. Feb 16 and I currently take Gilenya daily along with a host of other meds for different things but the reason I'm here, is since the relapse that initially got me diagnosed last year, I've had pain, burning, and sometimes numbness in my legs. I've had 3 relapses in a year if you can call them "re"lapses. I've had active lesions for almost a year, up until November. The one very large lesion showed improvement and no new lesions. My left leg HURTS constantly all the way up into my hip. It makes it difficult to walk. I've spoken to my neuro about it, but his response is that because I don't have active lesions, so the damage is likely permanent. This is difficult to hear, because I have 2 kids, one 5 year old girl and a 13 month old boy. :'( I can't help but feel dread and doubt when I look into the future. There were talks in October of switching me to Tysabri from Gilenya but since that MRI showed some improvement, they opted against it. I honestly don't really know that I'm asking anything at all, just needed to vent I suppose.
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