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Diagnos Problems Ireland/weak hand

Hi Guys Any advice appreciated( this is the most positive and supportive site) Having seen my Gp with a problem of having numb feet for 9 weeks(had gone to A&e twice at 3weeks and 6weeks and told as I could move them I'm imagining it). and some mild hand tingling I then went on to develop burning nerve pain in arms and legs and both hands. Gp did bloods(all normal) and referred me to a private Neurologist I do not have health insurance but she said it would be an 18month wait to see a Public one. Finally saw the Neurologist who is nice but very laid back thinks it is MS and referred me for Brain Cervical and thoracic MRI in an independent company as it was the quickest and most cost effective option.Had Mri s done and the company said the results should be with the Neuro within 48hours unfortunately had the Neuros secretary ringing me three days later saying they still haven't received the radiology report from the company and asked me to chase after the company which I plan to do again Monday.From first seeing the Neurologist to now my right hand has definitely become weak so am v.concerned about permanent damage.. To make things worse I am signed off work and no salary coming in after this month so just don't think I will be able to continue paying this Private Neurologist but if I don't am risking getting worse and an 18month Public waiting list.Sorry for the big novel am trying to stay positive am interested in advice from anyone in Ireland on diagnosis and advice on weak hand from anyone???Thanks so much
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