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Normal wait time for treatment?

Hey everyone. I was diagnosed about a month ago now. I've just received an appointment for a consultation with an MS specialist neurologist (not the same neurologist I was diagnosed by) for the 7th of July, and I'm wondering if this sort of gap is normal? I assume this appointment is when we will discuss treatment, and I so far have not been put in contact with an MS nurse. They want to scan my brain before discussing treatment to, in their words, "stratify risk" for decisions around treatment (was diagnosed from a spine scan, unclear why they didn't do my brain at the time.) It's making me a little uneasy that it seems I'll be going without treatment for a few months, and I was just wondering if this is normal? I annoyingly have already researched and have kind of made up my mind that I'd like to be put on Ocrevus preferably, and I'm hoping they'll support that decision, but July seems like such a long way away to find out.
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