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Greetings from Brazil!!!

Hi there everyone!!! Kind of new here, although í´ve been reading your chating for the last few weeks. As the title says, i´m from Brazil (it´s not a problem, is it?) and still don´t have my dx. Actually, i don´t have almost any of those "classic" symptoms of MS (by classic i mean fatigue, blurred vision, numbness, pain, coordination issues, weakness...). Only thing i have is a smooth ataxia (do you have this word in english???) in the right leg, which is invisible for untrainned eyes and which i have since 2010. This and the demyelinating lesions in my brain, caught by an MRI scan...all the other exams are negative as well (blood, LP, etc). It was discovered near by "accident". I was investigating a annoying ear ache, which has proved to be a mandibular disorder caused mostly by stress. Understandable, as i´m a engineer at the brazilian state petroleum company (petrobras) and the job can be very stressful sometimes. Well, like a lot of other people in the world (and many of u guys), í´m what they call a CIS, as my neuro said. I don´t met clinic or government criteria for receiveing any treatment or final dx (guess is the same in UK, US, Australia...), so the protocol in my case seems to be "wait and see what happens". By then, live your life normally, said the doc. Yeah, right, like if it was possible knowing that i might have this MS crap. In december i´ll have another tests and MRI to see what happened. Meanwhile, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst (i think that´s from a song, right??). Looking forward to "hear" from u guys. hugs and kisses, Matheus PS: forgive me for my english, i assure u my speaking is even worse..rs



Welcome Matheus, It does not matter where you are from, we are all from different places here.



Hi matheus, this site & the people on it are lovely helpful & supportive. I'm pretty much in the same situation as you, wait and see. Hope things go well for you x



Welcome to shift matt. Chueykooh is right, it doesn't matter where you are from, people on here are from all over the world, the more the merrier=))



hahahahaha, nice touch heather, tks!!! Yeah, i´ve lived there for a few months before the company send me to Bahia. Nice place for visiting, not for living.



Hi <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/mattbr/' rel='nofollow'>@mattbr</a> welcome to shift! Anybody from Planet Earth is welcome here. It's those bloody Vesuvians who can clear off AFAIC. CIS is a difficult one. You neuro's advice of "wait and see what happens" is definitely the best thing you can do. You may not ever get another symptom. And if you've spent months or years chasing after a DX that you're never going to get because YOU DON'T HAVE FULL ON MS you are never going to get those months and years back. If you're physically able, live your life like you don't have MS. Because if it turns out in 2 or 5 or 10 or 15 years that you do have it, you've gained all of those years of not worrying about it. Trust me, it's the best way. I had my first relapse in 1995. The ophthalmologist I saw for Optic Neuritis did me the biggest favour that anybody has ever done me in my life, by not mentioning MS. So I carried on, blissfully unaware that it was a possibility for over 12 years before I had another relapse. Had I chased after it, I could have got a DX (of CIS as I hadn't had another relapse after several years). But what would I have gained? It sounds like you have an active and fulfilling life. Live it :)



Hi Matheus. If you can't find a nice girl, find a naughty one instead!



Ola y sejam bemvindos <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/mattbr/' rel='nofollow'>@mattbr</a>! (I hope that was right, I'm a bit rusty. The only phrase I use with any frequency in portuguese is piquenique because it sounds so awesome ["pee-key-nee-key"])



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/pottypete/' rel='nofollow'>@pottypete</a>, sounds like a good advice hahahaha <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/artisus/' rel='nofollow'>@artisus</a>, i´m not really sure that "piquenique" is a portuguese word. Always thought that the correct was picknick (or something like that), and we just transformed it in portuguese calling it piquenique.kkkkkkkkkkkkk...gosh, i don´t know my own language



I agree with aardvark. They thought I had it in 2000 but had no evidence. Got diagnosed in 2005. I was glad I had those 5 years not knowing and living my life! But now I think it started in 2000. Because that would put me at 12 years having it instead of 7. So as far as "progression" I am just now having problems. But I never really lived my life letting it rule me. It is a bit now just because I am having problems walking which keeps it "shoved in my face" more so than I would like. So hang in there! :-)



bah! As long as I can pronounce it with enthusism, I fine it ith @mattbr. :-D



hahahaha, if it works for u, i´m fine with that too..;)



Welcome Matheus! I'm Portuguese :) You will love this site, everyone is so nice! Hope you get your diagnose soon, I know how it feels when the doctors don't give you answers...



Hello Matheus Welcome..i love Brasil..visited many places on the Atlantic coast..Fortaleza.Natal,Recife,Rio,Salvador de Bahia and the beautiful Ilhabela.Oh and cruised up the Mighty Amazon to Santarem and saw the pink river dolphins..even managed to catch a fish in the Amazon.My neuro thinks I have had MS for at least 10 years.I am glad I did not know,but am glad now that I do,it won't stop me doing anything,I won't let it that's for sure.I am just going to live my life as normal as possible.During my second relapse which was June 2011 I travelled through Germany by train to see a rock band.Keep your chin up.



Hi Matheus!!! I'm from portugal! Por isso seria fácil falarmos em português. My english is not very good too! I should pratice more!