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Greetings from Brazil!!!

Hi there everyone!!! Kind of new here, although í´ve been reading your chating for the last few weeks. As the title says, i´m from Brazil (it´s not a problem, is it?) and still don´t have my dx. Actually, i don´t have almost any of those "classic" symptoms of MS (by classic i mean fatigue, blurred vision, numbness, pain, coordination issues, weakness...). Only thing i have is a smooth ataxia (do you have this word in english???) in the right leg, which is invisible for untrainned eyes and which i have since 2010. This and the demyelinating lesions in my brain, caught by an MRI scan...all the other exams are negative as well (blood, LP, etc). It was discovered near by "accident". I was investigating a annoying ear ache, which has proved to be a mandibular disorder caused mostly by stress. Understandable, as i´m a engineer at the brazilian state petroleum company (petrobras) and the job can be very stressful sometimes. Well, like a lot of other people in the world (and many of u guys), í´m what they call a CIS, as my neuro said. I don´t met clinic or government criteria for receiveing any treatment or final dx (guess is the same in UK, US, Australia...), so the protocol in my case seems to be "wait and see what happens". By then, live your life normally, said the doc. Yeah, right, like if it was possible knowing that i might have this MS crap. In december i´ll have another tests and MRI to see what happened. Meanwhile, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst (i think that´s from a song, right??). Looking forward to "hear" from u guys. hugs and kisses, Matheus PS: forgive me for my english, i assure u my speaking is even worse..rs