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Fantastic! I tried to share this but the link didn't work. Will deff try again!



Good one! This lady has it right. We don't stop being everything we are because of something we get.



People always tell me how good i look. I just tell them I know!



I'm too sexy!



I feel exactly how that lady felt at the moment & I hate feeling like it. I'm hoping one day I can actually think in a more positive way about it all but I'm not there yet! Lovely post x



On a night out the other week, whilst on my crutches clanking around a pub with friends, a woman came up to me and said... "My, aren't you a gorgeous hunk of a man!" I don't think she realised the true effect this had on me and my psyche. It was such a great feeling, at a time when I was very low. The effect is still reverberating about me now. It's so nice to be still considered attractive, whilst obviously disabled.



I love her posts. I totally relate to feeling like a patient, not sexy and like there is a big MS stamped on my forehead ... It's time for me to get me back



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