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Finding relationships hard..??

I've noticed lately I am finding it very differcult to completely be honest with the ones I love lately and trust about my emotions I just tell them I am fine or act like I am okay and try to move on but because so much happens so often to me I don't want to add stress or worry them about me anymore then they already do. Advice ? Suggestions it feels apart of my Anixety but I am really feeling alone today ? Larissa x



In our family we have some of the same issues. We have been practing mindfulness and controlled breathing. It's hard to control what you feel and think but we have learned that anxiety causes all kinds of things to happen in your body that probably isn't great for MS. By controlling your breathing all kinds of things automatically slow down like your heart rate. It's hard to be anxious and breath slow. We like to stay positive even when it's hard to be because it's easy to spiral the other way. That in turn makes relationships just a little bit easier. Maybe not a great solution but hopefully it's worth considering as there doesn't appear to be much down side in ten minutes a day for something like that. Lastly processing in a safe place like this allows you to get your thoughts out which I think is better then leaving them trapped inside. Wishing you all the best.



I hate to say this but I don't think you will ever be able to be totally honest with love ones. They will never be able to understand what you are going through. Only someone with MS or another disease like Cancer can commensurate with you. I told my husband one time that I felt lonely and he couldn't understand why I felt that way. If you tell someone every symptom that pops up they will think that your a hypochondriac, or blow it off and say that happens to everyone. This is why I like the forum, we can rant and rave together and you can always find someone that is going through the same thing you are. Sometimes we can help each other (my favorite part) others times all we can do is listen and sympathize. Potter



Your in the right place to vent, people here have been through it already or going through similar there's always someone to waffle on to here. Some of us just waffle on anyway he he. The people here understand when sometimes loved ones do not or not completely it's best to talk to someone that's gone or going through similar experience's. dont suffer in silence tho that's the worst thing you can do, get it of yer chest lass.



Hi I understand what you are saying. My family are amazing, but I often feel lonely. I try not to tell anyone when I'm struggling, for fear of sounding like I'm moaning. Also I don't want to add more worry to their lives, I just carry on and push through! then I bust and boom 💥 I was diagnosed in May 2016 with RRMS. I've only just joined Shift.ms and it's nice just to offload. Hope today is a good for you! 😊



Well Larissa, as the guys above say, vent here,at times it is all you can do, I know its not going to help with your individual, home life issues, but boy it helps at times...... because I know what you mean, its like telling stories out of school at times, personally, I like you, keep stuff close to me now, I do have great support.....but feels like 'it's all cause', but no real understanding of 'the effect', so like you keep stuff to myself now...........this morning was going up the stairs holding on to the bannisters for one of those frequent loo stops.....& mum started to have a conversation about, could I take her to her weekly meet lunch meet, understand is important to her life, but asking while I'm on the stairs & in need of the loo....ho hum......there are times when it can be so individually lonely & your issues are not understood at all..........ce la gere.