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need to moan about me!!

So I posted couple weeks back about my life. I didn't tell the whole truth tho so here it goes, im gay so my partner who has just left me is a woman. So ive struggled recently dealing with tge new diagnosis, then the relationship ended and this week my ex girlfriend who has only ever had girlfriends tells me her "best friend" who she met 2 years ago and always goes out with but I wasn't allowed to meet properly is now her boyfriend. Yes her boyfriend I am so confused and now even more so! Weve been split 4weeks so how long has it really gone on for?? I am loosing every will to live.. I am completely stuck at rock bottom I don't know how lower I cud get. My ms has gone wappy but I don't care about that. I need my life bk the person I loved so much. I need it all bk, and I need ms to leave me alone :(