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Tysabri and JCV +

Hi, ive had MS since 2011 and been on two amazing treatments (Capaxone and Tysabri which i am currently on) however, ive been tested positive after 18 months - any idea what else is out there if i come off Tysabri? Im in limbo land between 3 options (Gilenya, Lemtrada or Tecfidera) help! all answers appreciated! thanks x



@jyotisharma1 , Hi and welcome. Every DMD/DMT comes with a downside regarding risks. But, from your three options, two are oral and one is a five day infusion for a year. I'v heard in learned circles that Lemtrada is seen as the nearest thing we have to a cure, without calling it a cure! Have a scan through previous forum posts on these three treatments to get some first-hand views. Use the forum search function (magnifying glass, top left). :wink:



haha, yeh thats true. I have been looking at the Lemtrada quite a lot, kinda stands out the most. I mean i got an neaurologist appt very soon so i need to discuss the options with him, even though i had one last week i was telling him how much i loved Tysabri. Will have to take a look at it! thanks!



Hi I am also jcv+, I have been on tecfirdera since January this year. I have had very little side effects only had flushing to my face and neck. I was previously on Avonex for a year n half and was having relapses so neurologist advised me to look at changing.



My name is B.S.Krishnan I live in Kolkata India have been diagnosed with MS in 2011 Cud u pls help me with this tysabari and suggest how I can improve my condition. I I've RRMS Email [email protected]