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Aloha - MS Diets!

I'm currently in the process of changing my diet after reading about the benefits, not only for MS but obviously life in general. I've cut all dairy out except skimmed milk (breakfast) and margerine. The only reason I still have marg is because I don't want bread etc without some form of butter or something to give it that bit of moisture! Anyone know of an alternative? Cut down to white meat (chicken/turkey) and fish. No more red meat. I'm not really a big chocolate fan so that's not a difficult one! I still have crisps (though try to limit) and bread products. My main thing at the minute is cutting foods high in sat fat. I know some of the diets can get very restrictive on what you eat so I suppose the question is how far do people go in this? I don't mind cutting a lot of stuff out (which I have already done) but in the same respect I don't want to restrict it to the point where I go to a party and take my own food! That and a lot of the stuff in these diets is expensive!