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Chest pain - Pluerisy / Costochondirtis?

Hi everyone, I’d love to hear from anyone who may be experiencing something similar. Ever since starting Ocrevus (it’s been about 2 years) I have noticed unexpected/unexplained chest pain. My doc doesn’t think it’s my heart (getting an ECG and Chest X-ray tomorrow). One doc said maybe costochondriris.. I’ve also done some googling and pleurisy sounds like it could be an option too. My symptoms are chest pain in both left and ride side, hurts on and off, sometimes a sharp stabbing pain and sometimes dull pain when I breathe deeply. I’ve recently had covid and the pain started a few weeks later once I recovered. It was pretty mild, no hospital or anything and got given Paxlovid. Prior to this, I had a similar pain a few months ago after a little cold. I am wondering if there’s any link to Ocrevus that anyone has noticed?