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Hi! I’m Jenny-May,I’m 21 and I’ve recently been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. I’ve been advised to join because I’m quite ‘lonely’ as my therapist says 🤦🏼



Hello @jennymay1548, welcome to Shift! It's a very friendly forum, where you can join discussions, research or ask questions. There seem to have been a run of newly-diagnosed people on here recently, really tough too amidst the Covid crisis. Interesting what your therapist says; do you actually feel lonely? Everyone is friendly on here. If you type 'newly diagnosed' in the search box, you will read about other people and their experiences. Take care...... :-)



Hi @jennymay1548 and welcome to the club. Feel free to ask anything you like. Above all else, try and keep a sense of humour it ain't all doom and gloom honest. Keep smiling 😊



Hi @jennymay1548 and welcome. Take the advice of both @vixen and @highlander , it’s good advice



@jennymay1548 Welcome. A good sense of humour is a good prerequisite.



@jennymay1548 , I am sorry that you received this diagnosis, especially in your 21st year. However, you're more than welcome here. Just take your time digesting this diagnosis. Live healthily, eat healthily and avoid stress. 😉



Hi Jenny-May, I'm 22 and have been in the diagnostic process since last year. It is really hard and lonely feeling and extra difficult since most people don't understand. Wishing you well, always happy to lend an ear.



@jennymay1548 welcome to the club!



@ jennymay1548 Hi Jenny Welcome Plenty of fellow MSers to chat with,get help and advice and maybe even become friends. Look after yourself



Hi Jenny-May, and welcome to Shift. I, too, find myself being a bit lonely and becoming a recluse. However, because I'm a total geek, I got myself into table-top roleplaying, like Dungeons and Dragons, and the friends I've made there, and meet every weekend for a good afternoon/night, makes a difference. I've found, if you can find a group activity you enjoy, it will make all the difference. I've also found that people will understand if you inform them that you have MS (if you want to), and though they might ask some questions, it's mostly so they can understand and help if needs be. I also take the time, because I'm not in work at the moment, to go out during the day and, for example, do my weekly shopping, and have my partner pick me up on his way home from work. Because it's getting me out the house at an odd time, I'm likely to meet people that will talk, like an old woman at the bus stop, or a cashier who needs to have a b!tch about something, likely Covid. And yes, using a forum is nice, and will get you talking to people, but actually hearing voices or seeing people face to face is different, in my opinion. I have RRMS too, diagnosed since 19, and I'm only just learning how to cope with it and other people, after 6 years.



We should run an online D&D campaign for shifters! That's a nice way to meet people.