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Question about sex and heat!

I had a relapse a month ago where I got a tingly, electrical feeling in my arms and lost most use of my left hand. Since then it has gone back to normal except for a slight tingle in the very tips of my fingers. I also started getting the lhermittes syndrome during my relapse, which has not gone away. I notice that it's worse when I'm hot, to the point where I can't move my neck at all or I get tingles all the way down to my toes. But now I'm freaked because last week my husband and I were having sex and I completely went all out electrical current through my arms and legs, my left foot cramped up and was stuck in a pointing position and my left hand cramped and I couldn't move it. Also, my chest/shoulders got tight and it was difficult to breathe normally. It took me a good 30 minutes (after applying a cooling neck wrap) to be able to get up out of bed and be able to hobble around the house. My lhermittes also worsened and I couldn't move my neck without being electricuted head to toe. After a couple hours I was able to function normally. I figured it was due to the heat because I had just gotten off work and the house was warm (my husband likes it warm when he's home alone) and I was warm from just getting off work. Since it went away after cooling off, I assumed it was the heat. So the rest of the week we made sure it was extra cool in the house and the ceiling fan was on. I thought we had it figured out and haven't been having any issues. Well, yesterday it happened again!!! and we had made the same precautions. I don't want to be scared of having sex! Does anyone else have this issue and what do you do to prevent it?!? Help!!!