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Pregnancy, MS and Tysabri

I was diagnosed with MS two and a half months ago. I presented at the emergency department with 'odd' symptoms that progressively got worse over three days. Clinical details described by the doctors: Brown Sequard symptoms. Moderate weakness and hyper-reflexia right side. Absent proprioception and temperature sense left side. Onset 2 days ago, now in third. I was sent for an MRI and it was discovered i had MS. I had old and new lesions, i was never aware i had MS or even any symptoms indicating there was something wrong with me. It was discovered i had an extensive amount of lesions throughout my brain and spine. I was only given one option and that was Tysabri due to the neuro's concern of it becoming more aggressive. My partner and I have been discussing way before i was diagnosed of MS of having a baby. I discussed this with my neuro, he advised that although it is my decision, he would recommend i stay on Tysabri through conception and throughout pregnancy. I am really concerned by what he has said... because all research on the internet says differently... I am so confused on what is the RIGHT decision to make... Do i chance this and risk my child having a disability/deform because of my selfishness to have a child? Or do i stop all medication and risk getting further attacks which could result in myself becoming disabled? Or as heartbreaking as this is, do i just give up the desire to ever have children? Has anyone had children? Children require and need 24/7 care and they can be mentally and physically draining but i am determined to do this. I just dont know which way to go about it...