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Dizziness/eye tracking

I just typed this all out & it disappeared! Hopefully it's not showing up twice. The shorter version of what I typed before... I feel slightly dizzy this morning, but seems to happen when I move my eyes, like it's an eye-tracking problem. I got up & walked around the office, no problems there, no weaving around or anything. I've been up & down the stairs, no problems thankfully. If I just sit and stare into space, it's ok but when I move my eyes around, I feel off kilter. My neuro said folks who get migraines tend to get vertigo more often. This isn't vertigo, nothing is spinning. Nothing spins when I close my eyes. Possibly something about my computer screen? Or if it's MS, do any of you have something similar, eye-tracking slight dizziness? I have a lot of driving to do today so I'm hoping it's just the computer screen. Thanks, Michelle