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Just a thought on relapses!

Reading through my letters from the hospital again I read a letter from the neuro who specialises in DMTs who I was referred to to discuss treatment. He gave me the treatment he felt was best for me, which at first I was upset about but then after reading up about it I came round to the idea and thought 'yeah maybe this is best for me' What stood out to me in the letter was my relapses....it says if I have a major one before Christmas, making it 2 in 1 year then he would review my treatment and lemtrada would be considered. What is the difference between lots of frequent and small relapses to one 'big one'? My regular neuro stated in her recent letter that I clearly have an active disease as I present new symptoms each time I see her! I have probably seen her 4/5 times since January. There seems to be no measure in all of this for suffering, how much suffering do MS patients have to go through before they are considered for more aggressive treatment? In my eyes it's all about money and budget...we all have a price tag set to us!