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I had a MRI scan back in January and my not very sympathetic consultant said ''there wont be anything on this mri so im discharging you, no news is good news'' so i have been in limbo waiting. I started with some new symptoms so booked in to see my family GP, went last night and he had my MRI results, which show legions on my brain, suggestive of MS. he told me i should be expecting an appointment the consultant to discuss and make further plans, i have rang the secretary and they said nope, its down to my gp to give me the results? Well i know a gp cannot diagnose this. Who is responsible for me now? because of the relaxed and unhelpful response i received from this particular consultant so i asked about going private. that again has a several week wait. I am so upset and annoyed that i have been given this half diagnosis and only because i had booked in two weeks ago for my appoinment. Surely it is someones job to guide me and arrange further tests? My first episode was November and my new symptoms started early february so that classes as a relapse, these need to be logged so im told but nobody will see me? If i wasnt scared enough for my future i bloody am in the hands of these professionals!