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Circle of Truth - new film from Shift.ms

Please have a watch our new film about the challenges of disclosure in the workplace. We hope you like! https://shift.ms/workfilms/ Thanks



Quite comical at first but very meaningful, I have been in this position a few times in the past! I usually end up telling random people, I even politely ask other people if I suspect they have it and have met a couple of good friends along the way by asking! I guess it is whatever you feel happy and comfortable with, you cannot plan it, the time will just feel right to "come out" I havn't yet, I tell those who need to know, some people just like to gossip, I avoid those people! ;) xxx



Wow! You guys have really hit the nail on the head. Well done for tackling such an emotive subject in such a day-to-day manner.






Brilliant !!! X



Absolutely brill and great way to get message across using humour well done guys hats off to you!



Great work, it's funny and covers an important topic for most MSers!






So true. I told people at work straight away. Whether it was right or wrong I'm not sure. Some people do love to gossip. Great video.



loved it!! :) x



Loved this, well done. I totally identified with this, I'm on the verge of 'coming out'. Still not sure what to do though....



As it happened before with Gallop and Belong ,I keep watching it again and again ..I totally identified with this.Thank you. Brilliant!!



Brilliant! I love these films, well done. It's definitely not easy telling ppl at work x



Great film! ... You guys do put some very, very good films together :D xxx



Great film and a very important subject... I disclosed my MS to my employer and co-workers right after I got MS diagnosis (that was 8 years ago). That was a big mistake and I regret it bitterly. Once MS is out in the open, you cannot take it back :-/. My advice: don't disclose to your employer unless you really really really have to ( for example: you need to ask your employer for some workplace adjustments/modifications). And even then it is probably wiser to call it "a medical condition" rather than MS.



Love the video!!! I was in the same situation when I was diagnosed. I believe that in order to normalise MS within society we should not be afraid to speak up if that's how we feel. After 2 years of "not telling anyone, just in case" had enough and now I feel free to tell and explain my situation. Talking about MS has become as normal as talking about the wheather!



Great short, well executed. I don't see the need to tell anyone at work just yet. Little afraid of the potential consequences, as portrayed, and also a potential loss of authority in my leadership position.



Great film, very funny. I told my boss because I needed to go to hospital. I told a colleague and asked them to share it so I didn't have to tell everyone myself. My reasons: I needed sick leave, I didn't want my colleagues to think I was being lazy and I needed their understanding on days when the MS was too much. They've been brilliant and a real support at a difficult time. I've now told everyone including accidentally on Facebook through 'The face of MS' page! There's nothing to be afraid of, no one looks at me pityingly or attacks me. I've just met kindness and support.



So true. I've only tell people who ask, but even that is hard, because they'd expect you to say that you've got a simple injury. Telling them you've got MS is a different matter entirely, as they will not be expecting to have to deal with something heavy. The English are quite refrained when it comes to personal matters, so much so that they often say "I won't tell anyone else". Perhaps this is good for respecting personal privacy, but it leaves us in the position of still harbouring our "secret". Making a "big announcement" is definitely a no-no as far as I'm concerned. Great thought provoking video.



this film is so good, for me"coming out" is a huge step and I have had every possible reaction when telling people, from the really cringey to the lovely and supportive, having a stick has kinda forced the issue and speaking about something so so personal is the challenge, but perhaps it will make us stronger? I loved this film, funny and true.



I appreciated this a lot. I think one of the symptoms (revelations) of MS is intolerance to bullshit. There is an overwhelming urge to say it as it is....although in this film the sufferer has chosen to internalise this. This angst is not just about her disclosure but also her frustrations surrounding the 'game' of work.



Sorry but as iv been self employed for thirty odd years it did nothing for me, and can't understand why you would be ashamed to tell anyone your ill? Most people I know are envious because I can park on double yellows, (only joking) that's one thing I can still do. Lol



Love that video and it almost brought a tear to my eye. I work from home on a computer so none of my colleges see me struggling to walk, etc so I never told them. When I had a really bad relapse and was on steroids that knocked me back even more I needed a reason for sick leave so I decided to ask my manager to phone me rather then just email. I confessed and she was shocked, told me if I ever want to reduce my hours let her know and would it be okay to tell the directors to which I said was fine. The next day one of the directors got me on Skype to say how sorry she was and how she knows someone who had MS and how their teeth rotted due to it etc! That was just over 2yrs ago now and the has been more people employed and promotions through the team BUT I am still where I was and have not been offered more. Others who started 4yrs after me now are manager on a section I started on when it first began which really annoys me and to this day I think it is because I confessed MS and wish I never had done!