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Spelt anxiety wrong below- any tips?

Ms and anxeity Hi there Having a 5 month ms flare up. Strong tingling in my hands which won’t go and now I have problems with my right eye which is stopping me driving (seeing eye people at hospital tomorrow). Anxiety is through the roof too. Waiting for intensive cbt and taking duloxotine and diazepam and on Capaxone. My anxiety is taking a toll on my relationship too. They think I may have ocd. I miss my family terribly and they are 100 miles away. We visit about once a month. I am nearly back to work full time (partly at home) and I love my job and try to fit in swimming a few times a week but don’t play much tennis now because of hands and now vision. Going to have to get taxi’s to pool which is worrying because of Covid as partner can’t always drop me at suitable times. We had a miscarriage and my dad died in April of Covid. Life is so hard atm-any tips? Any recommendations?