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Hi Newbie in the group

New in the group, i am from france diagnosed in 2003, and the under Rebiff for 17 years i am off of injection right now due to extreme fatigue. let s see how it goes , but energy come back a bit hello to everyone!!!



Hi. Below your post some tags have been added, click them to see relevant posts. Again hi and welcome



Hi @fredhindi and welcome to Shift! How have things been for you in France with Covid? Have you been able to work from home? Is your hospital going to try you on a different type of medication? There are lots of much newer types since you started on Rebif all those years ago! I hope you stay well, great that you've joined!



Hi, and bienvenue! Hoping you’re well 😊



Salut @fredhindi! Bienvenue parmi nous :) It's lovely to have you here with us - I'm new here too - I was diagnosed with RRMS in March '21. Whereabouts do you live in France? My parents live in Brittany int he Cotes D'armor. Hope you 've been enjoying the lovely weather :)



I was on Rebif at one point too. The injection site reactions were bothersome. I hope you find something that helps you with as few side effects as possible. Welcome and good luck